Maintaining Work Productivity During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us which means celebrations, excitement, and unfortunately….. dreaded distractions! It can be increasingly difficult to maintain the same level of productivity at work as we get closer to the end of the year and everyone is in holiday-mode. But there are ways to keep your productivity up AND have fun during this time of year! Read more ›

Look Your Best at Your Office Holiday Party

It’s finally the season to be jolly, but with that comes the always festive office holiday party. For most, figuring out what to wear or how to look for these events can be challenging. Follow this guide to help limit your anxiety and look your best at this year’s office get together. Read more ›

Winter Driving Tips for Sharing the Road with Transport Trucks

The winter weather has begun and with this weather comes hazardous driving conditions. It is important that we stay safe on the roads by driving extra cautiously during this time of year and protecting ourselves and others as we navigate through this weather.

Most of us will encounter a transport truck at some point throughout our daily drive. It is critical to practice cautious driving in particular around these vehicles because they are much larger/heavier than a regular car and this affects the amount of time a transport driver needs to react to a change in traffic.  Read more ›

The Science Behind Forming the Best First Impression

Are you ever left wondering why your interviews don’t end with a job offer? Or why you can’t seem to stick with one company? Are you finding yourself simply unhappy at all your jobs?

Many of the successes and failures that we experience in the career world are heavily influenced by the relationships we develop with our colleagues and superiors, and much of the success of those relationships is heavily dependent on the first impressions you make. In fact, studies show that people make judgments about you in the first tenth of a second of meeting you, which makes a good first impression all the more critical to your career success. Read more ›

Industry Terminology You Need to Know

When applying to a job with Breakaway Staffing there is terminology that you may come across in job postings or in conversations with recruiters that is related to the Transportation/Logistics or Staffing industry but that you might be unfamiliar with. Read more ›

Emotional Intelligence & Your Career Success

Many studies have been conducted on the factors that lead to career success. Are individuals with more education, high intelligence, or extensive training more likely to rise in their chosen career and ultimately become more successful? Research suggests that one of the most critical factors in performance and overall career success is not education or training, it is Emotional Intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence? And can someone who lacks it still succeed in their career? We examine those questions today. Read more ›

Protective Winter Clothing

For those of us unlucky folk we will be enter into the winter months very soon. Whether we want to or not we are approaching the coldest time of year which means that many workers will have to tackle the cold when they go to work every day. We put together an infographic based on the fantastic resource provided by the CCOHS to help you combat the coming cold. Read more ›

Dos and Don’ts of Being Healthy At Work

People who work full-time spend a quarter of their week at work, which is why it’s important to maintain healthy habits while on the job. Here are some simple dos and don’ts of being healthy at work, so you can feel great and produce your best work for all 40 hours a week. Read more ›

5 Tips for Leaving a Professional Voicemail Message

The voicemail. This technology is often shunned by the younger generation in favour of texts or emails but it still plays an important part in our career communication. Whether you’re interested in a job opportunity, following up with a company, or calling in sick for work, leaving a voicemail message is likely to be something that you will have to do often throughout your job search and career. Read more ›

What Is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome is a term that often appears in conversations around topics like career goals, success, ambition, and talent but what exactly is it? And how can you defeat it if you experience these feelings? We discuss all aspects of Impostor Syndrome in today’s blog post. Read more ›