5 Tips for Protecting Your Hearing Inside and Outside the Workplace

Guest Post by Carolyn Clarke 

Most people feel that hearing loss is nothing to worry about, at least until a certain age. In reality, frequent or long periods of exposure to loud noises is all it takes to put you at risk of hearing loss, no matter what age you are or how healthy you are. Read more ›

Is Working Multiple Jobs the New Normal?

The labour force has seen an increase in the amount of people working multiple jobs in Canada. An increase in part-time or secondary work has been seen across many industries and age groups as the Canadian workforce continues to embrace moonlighting as an addition to full-time employment. Current statistics and upcoming changes in legislation indicate that it is likely that this pattern will continue and moonlighting become the new normal. Read more ›

World Hello Day – The Benefits of a Simple ‘Hello’

Today is World Hello Day, a day that highlights the benefits of offering a simple ‘hello’ to someone in your life. Read more ›

Hilarious Job Interview Tweets

Twitter is a goldmine for hilarious material and one topic that never fails to make us laugh is job interviews. Twitter users have a lot to say about the job interview and job hunting. We’ve compiled a few of our favourites tweets in a ‘best-of’ below. Read more ›

Using Self-Distancing in Decision-Making

Do you tend to let your emotions lead your life? Are you guilty of making irrational, quick decisions when faced with a tough or stressful choice? There is a way to stop this behaviour, it is called Self-Distancing. Read more ›

7 Halloween Characters You’ll Find in the Workplace

The workplace is a large mix of different personalities and it is best to know which ones to connect with and which to avoid. In honour of Halloween and to help you identify these personalities we’ve put together a list of 7 Halloween Characters you’ll find in the workplace. Read more ›

6 Ways to Deal with Cranky Coworkers

Today, Friday October 27th, is Cranky Coworker Day. While we hope that no one encounters any cranky coworkers today, we’ve put together today’s blog post to help you manage just in case. Read more ›

The Benefits of a Small Business

There are many benefits to working with a small business. In honour of Small Business Week this week we want to dedicate today’s blog post to why you should be partnering with small businesses in your area! Read more ›

Walkie Operators Wanted!

Are you looking for a new job opportunity?
Want to work for a leading Transportation company in the GTA?

We have amazing full-time opportunities available for WALKIE OPERATORS! Find out more details and how to apply in today’s blog post!
Read more ›

Banned Book Week – Inspirational Quotes

This week is BANNED BOOK WEEK! Banned Book Week celebrates the right to read and celebrates the books that have been challenged to be removed from public access.

Many books on this list are well-known pieces of literature that do what books do best: transport us into a world that we would never otherwise know and offer insight and empathy to that world. Read more ›