Building Employee Retention

In today’s job market it can be difficult to find and keep good employees. Follow our five tips below to build employee retention in your workplace. Read more ›

Being Respectful in the Workplace

Celebrate Respect Day today, September 18th, by practicing these 5 tips to being respectful in the workplace. Read more ›

Make Your Resume Easier to Read

I’m sure you’ve heard the statistic: employers spend approximately 6 seconds skimming your resume before they decide if you’re going into the interview pile or into the trash. While this may seem a bit harsh (and hopefully there is no literal trash can), it is an accurate statistic to convey how quickly you must impress an employer with your resume. Read more ›

7 Rules for Social Media Job Applications

Due to the increase in job competition and the decreasing unemployment rate in Canada, many companies have broadened their search for employees and an increasingly popular method of recruiting is via social media. Understanding how to apply for work on social media can be tricky. Today’s blog post is dedicated to navigating you through your social media job applications. Read more ›

Find a Job You Love with Breakaway Staffing

Do you wake up dreading your next shift at work?
Do you drive slowly on your way to work just to put off your arrival by a bit longer?
Life doesn’t have to be this way!

Breakaway Staffing is here to help you find a job you love, so you can wake up happy every day!

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8 Things to Remember While Waiting for Your Job Interview

How you conduct yourself in the reception/waiting area of a potential employer is just as important as how you conduct yourself during your job interview.  Read more ›

Creating Happiness at Work

August is Happiness Happens Month and today’s blog post is about how to create your own happiness and happiness for the people around you in your workplace! Read more ›

5 Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

Are you a recent grad? Did you take the summer to relax before finding a job in the real world and are now panicking as the job search starts to sink in? Do you see friends getting ready to go back to school and wonder why you can’t go with them? Don’t worry! Read more ›

6 Workplace Safety Tips for Employees

Guest post by Jordan McDowell

The best workplace safety instructions and procedures in the world won’t make a worksite safer if safety training is completed but never demonstrated and put into place. The key to a safe workplace is good communication between employer and employee as well as putting into practice proper safety techniques. Read more ›

Calling All Forklift Operators: Your Future Awaits!

Are you a certified Forklift Operator? Are you looking for a job that fits your skills, pays a fair wage, and gives you opportunities for growth? Look no further than the jobs we have available! Read more ›