World Hello Day – The Benefits of a Simple ‘Hello’

Today is World Hello Day, a day that highlights the benefits of offering a simple ‘hello’ to someone in your life.


Offering a greeting (such as a hello) is a basic social function that triggers a positive conversation with the person on the receiving end of your greeting. A simple hello prompts the other person to respond positively and engage with you in an affirmative manner.

This gesture will only take a second of your time but can offer many benefits to the person who receives it.

These are some of the ways your hello can positively affect you and the person you’re speaking to:


Greeting a customer can help form an overall positive opinion of you and your company. A great first impression can create a lasting impression. It’s impossible to know how a person’s day is going before they interact with your company therefore a simple hello has the potential to completely turn someone’s day around.

This greeting can also open up a dialogue so that customers will be more open and trusting of you and your company. The best part is that these greetings pay off immediately! If a customer trusts you then will be more perceptive to your products/services right away.


Greeting your co-workers each morning can have lasting effects for both you and your others at your workplace. A basic greeting can contribute to a friendly work environment and help to create a positive atmosphere. If your co-worker was in a bad mood it can also help to cheer them up and put a smile on their face, which is always a great way to start to the day.

Additionally, taking the time to say hello to each of your co-workers allows you to be face to face with people that may have an influence on your career. That short and simple gesture will give them a great impression of your personality and character which may help you in the future.

A simple hello can have a huge influence on the people around you. It’s not too late – go out and say hello today!