Transportation Technologies

Technology in the transportation industry has been a hot topic of conversation in recent months. We are at a time when new technologies are emerging every day and everyone is wondering how these advancements can be used to deliver our goods around the world faster and more efficiently.

In today’s blog we examine 4 advancing transportation technologies¬†and what effect that may have on the trucking industry as a whole.

1. Wifi

Our easy access to wifi allows for countless options for the future of the trucking industry. The goal is to make each truck a mobile hotspot, linking all data-gathering and truck sensors together in order to create a completely connected truck. Having every kind of information at the tips of our fingers would allow the driver to access information on every part of the truck (tires, fuel, parts, etc) and would allow the transportation company to connect to their driver and have all of the truck’s data at all times. Using the trucks as mobile hotspots could also lead to advancements in road and city technology in order to sync the roads and lights (using the information gathered from the trucks) to avoid congestion and lead to faster delivery times.

2. Automated Trucks

Driverless trucks have been on everyone’s mind since Daimler introduced their automated truck in May of this year. This has lead to a discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of automation and the trucking industry. There are many benefits to the trucks including safety precautions, fuel consumption, and their ability to help the driver shortage. While the Daimler truck is just one step toward a future involving trucks without drivers there is validity in this technological advancement and we will see much more of it in the coming years.

3. Electronic Stability

The United States has passed a law that all large trucks must be equipped with electronic stability controls as of August 1st, 2017. This technology is meant to secure cargo and prevent rollovers. According to statistics these controls will help prevent 56% of rollover/tipping accidents that occur in the U.S. each year. This technology is a huge step forward in truck safety and has already been proven to save lives. Canadian companies are working toward having a similar law established here in Canada.

4. Communication Systems

Advancements in communication systems in trucks have a huge impact on the transportation industry. More detailed systems allow the driver to communicate with headquarters, drivers to communicate with each other, and allows everyone to keep track of loads and expected delivery times. An unexpected benefit of this technology is its help in tracking cargo theft. A truck in Arizona was equipped with a communication system that helped locate the truck after it had been stolen. The police were able to locate the truck before the thieves had a chance to unload it. These systems have an abundance of benefits to every area of the transportation industry.

Each of these 4 technologies above play a critical part in the advancement of the trucking industry. Expanding these technologies will only mean greater progress for the industry which will lead to faster delivery times, higher efficiency, and safer roads for everyone.