Managing Allergies in the Workplace

Having allergies is the worst. And unfortunately for most of us, our allergies do not go away when we leave the house. Dealing with allergies in an environment you can’t control can be very tricky and since one of the environments we spend the most time in is our workplace we want to help you manage your allergies at work.

Having allergies while at work can have a significant impact on your productivity and performance. But there are ways to manage your allergies in the workplace!

WebMD suggests 3 Ways to Manage Your Allergies at Work: allergy-18656_1920

  1. Accurate Diagnosis
  2. Environmental control
  3. Medication

Accurate Diagnosis

The first step to managing your allergies is to ensure you have a proper diagnosis. Knowing exactly what you are allergic to can help you properly educate your co-workers/supervisors and help you prevent exposure to those allergens in the workplace.

Environmental Control

Having control over your work environment can help you to manage your allergies. Two easy ways to do this are to control the airflow in your workplace (turning on the air conditioning can clear out allergens) and to ask your co-workers to be aware of your allergies.

Educating your co-workers/supervisors on your specific allergies can help you control your exposure to those allergens at work. Posting memos or posters informing employees of your allergies is a simple way to make everyone in your workplace aware of the hazard.

If your allergy is mild you can ask your co-workers to be conscious of bringing the allergen into the workplace.

If you allergy is severe you can discuss having your co-workers avoid bringing that allergen into the workplace all together.

Having tolerant co-workers/supervisors is a major step in managing your allergies in the workplace.


The best way to combat your allergies/symptoms head on is by using medication outlined by your doctor.

You don’t need to suffer! Use the tips above to control your allergies in the workplace!