Creating Your Perfect Resume

Your resume is the golden ticket of your job search process. If you don’t have a great one that stands out then you’re just another kid that doesn’t get to see the candy factory.Whether you’re just starting out with a new resume or you’ve been applying for a while with no response, it may be time to freshen up the resume.

There are many resources out there to help you build the perfect resume. We’ve compiled a list of 10 great resume resources to help get you started. These are wonderful articles written to help you achieve the perfect resume, understand what not to include, how to shorten your resume, and so much more.

How to Stand Out in any Industry

Resume Tips from an HR Representative

Breakaway’s Guide to the Perfect Resume

Resume Do’s and Dont’s

Common Resume Mistakes (Don’t fall into these traps)

6 Words Not to Use in You Resume

7 Cliches to Avoid When Crafting Your Resume

6 Common Resume Mistakes – double check you do not have these on your resume!

Shortening Your Resume – Keep it to 1 page!!

Styling your Now Perfect Resume


50 Resume Templates to Help get you Started

Utilize these resources and build a resume that no employer could possibly resist. All that’s left to do is get started!