Co-worker Gift Ideas

As we head full force into the holiday season many of us have started buying gifts for our family, friends, and co-workers. If you work in a place that exchanges gifts it is important to remember that the gifts you give are a reflection of you and need to be kept appropriate for the workplace.

Below are a list of common gift items that are appropriate (and relatively inexpensive) so that you can cross your co-workers off of your holiday list!


Co-worker Gift Ideas

Office-Related Items
The easiest gift to give your co-workers is something you know they can enjoy at the office. Whether it is pens, stamps, a paper weight, a plant, or a decorative item for their desk, you can’t go wrong with getting them something that you know they will use while at work.

Coffee Mugs
Many workplaces have a place to make coffee/tea so a coffee mug can be a great inexpensive gift for your co-worker. Bonus points if get them one that matches their personality or interests; this gift proves that you pay attention to what they like and allows them to show off their personality while drinking a cup of joe.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are a simple way to give someone a chance to purchase something they enjoy. If you know of a particular retailer or restaurant that your co-worker loves then a gift card can be the perfect way to give a gift that you know they will like.

Something educational such as a book can be a great gift for your co-workers that like to read. If you know of a book they are interested in you can buy that or you could give them one of your favourites if you think they’d also enjoy it. Another option is to buy them a book related to your industry but remember to avoid any literature that involves work performance. Something like ‘How to Stop Procrastinating’ may not be the best gift; it is always best to avoid anything that could hurt someone’s feelings or make them upset.

Baking cookies or other sweets for your co-workers is an easy way to show that you care and give everyone a nice treat for the holidays.

These five gift ideas are simple and inexpensive options for your co-workers this holiday season. So get out there an cross them off of your gift list today!