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Order Picking


A portion of our General Labour and Forklift Operator positions we have available at Breakaway involve order picking. But what is order picking? If you accept one of our order picking positions what will you be doing? And why do companies

Common Forklift Terms


There are many common forklift terms that appear over and over again when discussing Forklift Operator jobs. These terms may be used by some companies but not others so it can be difficult to understand exactly which qualifications you need when

Electric vs Propane Forklifts


Most companies with forklift operators will have their operators drive either an electric or propane forklift. We examine the difference between the two types of forklifts and the pros and cons of using each type of machine in your warehouse.

Forklift Accidents – Causes & Prevention


Forklift accidents occur daily in warehouses and distribution centres. It is important to understand what leads to these accidents and what we can all do to help prevent accidents from occurring in the future. We put together an infographic to help

5 Most Common Types of Forklifts


At Breakaway we offer a variety of jobs operating forklifts. There are many different types of lifts that are used in the Transportation and Logistics industry and we fill positions working with all different kinds of machinery. Whether you are