8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick at Work

The changes in temperature we’ve experienced in the GTA recently have some benefits (yay warm weather!) but can also have negative impacts, specifically wreaking havoc on our body’s systems.

These constant weather changes can open us up to illness and the workplace is one of the most vulnerable places to catch an illness because of our close proximity to our co-workers that may come into work sick.

Here are 8 tips to avoid getting sick at work:

Wash Your Hands – Keep your hands clean and dry throughout the day to avoid contracting germs.

Wash Personal Items – If you keep a coffee cup, lunch containers, etc. in the common areas of the office be sure to wash them regularly.

Keep a Safe Distance from Sick Co-workers – If your co-workers do come into work sick make sure you keep your distance from them and avoid sharing their space when possible.

Keep Common Areas Clean – Viruses will spread in areas with the most traffic so be sure to keep common office areas clean and sanitized at all times.

Stay Hydrated – Keep your body healthy and hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Take Your Vitamins – Be sure to take your vitamins and keep your energy up to avoid getting sick.

Get Proper Sleep – Proper sleep will help keep your body in check and help fight illness.

If You Do Get Sick – Stay Home! Your co-workers do not want you to spread your illness around the office. Rest up and get healthy before returning to the workplace.