10 Tips for Starting a New Job

Yesterday, Breakaway’s Worker Wednesday gave our readers career tips and advice by the numbers. Today we want to continue that trend with 10 tips for starting a new job.

These are simple tips designed to help you navigate the tricky waters of beginning a new job!

1. Show Up Early
Starting with a new company means showing you are committed to the company and to the position you were hired for. Nothing looks worse than showing up late and running out the door before your work is done. By putting in the time, your superiors with see that you are determined to succeed and are committed to your work.

2. Learn From Everyone

Every employee in your workplace is there for a reason. Whether they have been there 3 months or 10 years you can learn something from them. From information about your position to the best place to go for lunch, everyone has bits of information to offer you.


3. Observe Company Culture

How they do things at this new job may be very different to the way things were done at your previous job. Keep your eyes and ears open for the way things work. How does everyone dress? What is the break procedure? What is and isn’t appropriate? These types of behaviours will be observable and will help you determine how you fit into the culture that has been created.

4. Take Notes

You will learn a ton of information when you start your new job. There is no way you will remember every little detail – so take notes! These notes will help you in the future as you can reference them at any time and it shows dedication to learning if you are writing information down.

 5. Introduce Yourself/ Join In
The only way to get to know people is to introduce yourself. No one else is going to be your spokesman, you have to spread the word about you! Get to know everyone in the workplace and join in whenever possible. Group outings and work events are the perfect way to introduce yourself and make friends at work.

 6. Set Good Habits
good habits
Beginning a new job means a fresh start. You can throw away those bad habits you had and change them into good ones. Starting a job with a mindset of productivity and strong work habits means you are more likely to stick to those habits in the future. This could include things like being punctual or being more organized. (check out this article from mystarjobs.com on 20 great work habits to develop.)

 7. Be Confident
Hold you head up high and know that you are there for a reason. This company has selected you over many other candidates and you should be proud! You have much to learn but you have the foundation you need to succeed. Embrace that experience and stand up tall – in no time you will forget what it was like to be new.

 8. Don’t Be Nervous
This goes hand in hand with being confident. Everyone was new once. Chances are everyone wants you to succeed because you are coming in to fulfil a need that the company has. You being there should make everyone’s job easier in one way or another. It is easy to be overcome with nerves at the beginning but know that it will pass. You have the base of skills required to complete the job, embrace the information/advice you are given and before you know it you’ll be a pro!

 9. Communicate
In order to succeed you must have good communication. You can’t do the job alone, especially when you are new. Make sure you communicate your questions or concerns and ask as many questions as you can! You are there to learn and the employees above you have endless knowledge of the job and that is all at your disposal, don’t let it go to waste.

 10. Set Goals/Manage Expectations
A few weeks into your job make sure you are setting appropriate goals for yourself. In order to grow in your role you will want to ensure you are achieving not only personal goals but company goals set for you. Starting the job means understanding what is expected of you. Know where you stand and what your company/supervisors want you to achieve in your role. Keep a tally of your accomplishments and ensure the goals/expectations are very clear, that way there is no confusion as to whether you are succeeding in your position. (Setting and achieving goals is also important when it comes to raises and assessments!)

Starting a new job can be challenging and scary but keep these 10 tips in mind and you will be a step ahead of the pack!
As a bonus, here is an excellent website with additional resources to help navigate your way through starting your new job.