Forklift Accidents – Causes & Prevention

Forklift accidents occur daily in warehouses and distribution centres. It is important to understand what leads to these accidents and what we can all do to help prevent accidents from occurring in the future. We put together an infographic to help identify the 6 most common reasons for forklift accidents and the 6 steps we can take to help reduce accidents from happening again.

Check out our infographic below to identify the 6 most common types of forklift accidents and the ways employees can work toward reducing accident occurrences in the future.

forklift accidents

6 Major Causes of Forklift Accidents

  1. Lack of training
  2. Speed
  3. Poor forklift maintenance/forklift malfunction
  4. Poor communication
  5. Employee behaviour/horseplay
  6. Cluttered workplace

6 Ways to Reduce Forklift Accidents

  1. Limit forklift speed
  2. Restrict pedestrians from forklift areas
  3. address employee horseplay & irresponsible driving
  4. Ensure correct training
  5. Correct loading problems
  6. Ensure proper parking