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Using Self-Distancing in Decision-Making


Do you tend to let your emotions lead your life? Are you guilty of making irrational, quick decisions when faced with a tough or stressful choice? There is a way to stop this behaviour, it is called Self-Distancing.

Banned Book Week – Inspirational Quotes

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This week is BANNED BOOK WEEK! Banned Book Week celebrates the right to read and celebrates the books that have been challenged to be removed from public access. Many books on this list are well-known pieces of literature that do what

Celebrating Happiness Happens Month


August 2017 is Happiness Happens month! We’ve almost reached the end of August but there is still time to spread happiness amongst your family, friends, AND yourselves!

10 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You!


Everyone can use some inspiration every now and then! As we move closer to the end of this week we’ve put together our 10 favourite motivational quotes (inspired by the #ThursdayThoughts hashtag on Twitter) to help motivate you to finish

World Productivity Day: Tips for Your Day


Today is World Productivity Day! On this day you’ll see many articles about increasing your productivity and many of us around the world will realize how unproductive we really are. We wanted to do our part today by compiling productivity tips

Staying Healthy At Work: Bike to Work Day


Today is Bike to Work Day! If you’re lucky enough to live close enough to your work that you can ride your bike then you should! Bike riding is a great form of exercise and is a much cheaper way

10 Celebrities First Jobs

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Celebrities are just like us! Before they were the household names we know today from music, TV, and movies they had ordinary jobs to help pay the bills. Check out a few of these celebrities first jobs below! (Some of

Poetry Month: Famous Poets’ Views On Life


April is Poetry Month and as this month comes to a close we want to share a few words of wisdom about life from our favourite poets.

Common Courtesy Poetry

-unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better it's not.-

Today is both Common Courtesy Day and World Poetry Day so we thought we’d use both as an influence for today’s blog post and offer a few of our favourite poems designed to inspire us to be more courtesy.

5 Wonderful Words of Wisdom from Dr Seuss


Today is World Book Day AND Dr. Seuss Day so we couldn’t help but put together a list of our favourite Dr Seuss quotes from a few of our favourite Dr. Seuss books!