Your Job Search – 10 Articles You Need

Many people choose the beginning of the year to start their job search. We’ve put together a list of articles designed to help you navigate every area of your job search, from the resume to starting a new job, we’ve got you covered.

Your Job Search

your job search

Starting a job search can be overwhelming. Where should you look? Is your resume as good as it could be? Does social media matter? Use the articles below to help guide you through every aspect of your job search. (click on any of the titles below to be directed to the article)

Writing the Best Resume Possible – everything you need to know about creating the perfect resume.

2016 Resume Trends how this year’s resume trends can help you land your next job. Think one word: simplicity.

Hard and Soft Skills – what’s the difference between hard and soft skills? Which should you include on your resume and how will they help you find a job.

Social Media & the Job Search – does social media affect your job search? Find out what employers think & how you can use your social media profiles to your advantage.

Your Job Search – everything you need to know about your job search including factors that affect career change, the best places to find job opportunities, and how to stand out during your search.

Employment Agencies – should you use an employment agency to help you find a job? Yes! and here’s why.

Ultimate Interview Guide – your ultimate guide to the interview. Examining different types of interview formats, questions to ask, and follow up so you are ridiculously prepared for your next job interview.

Interview Mistakes – 5 interview mistakes you shouldn’t make during your next interview.

Working the Night Shift – you got the job! It’s on a night shift?! Don’t worry, here are tips to help you switch to a night shift schedule.

Tips for Starting a New Job – your first day at your new job is approaching. Here are 10 things to remember.