World Productivity Day: Tips for Your Day

Today is World Productivity Day! On this day you’ll see many articles about increasing your productivity and many of us around the world will realize how unproductive we really are.

We wanted to do our part today by compiling productivity tips for every part of your day into one complete list. This list will show you how you can increase your productivity in every part of your day.

It may be impossible to include all of these tips in your day-to-day life but if we each take a couple of these suggestions we can be a bit more productive with our day!

Morning Productivity


Plan the Night Before

Pack your lunch, plan your outfit, and plan your breakfast the night before so you don’t have to make as many choices in the morning.

Having these decisions already made for you makes for a easy morning where you can move seamlessly to more important tasks.

Set Multiple Alarms

Are you guilty of hitting the snooze button one too many times?A good trick is to set your alarm for earlier than you intend to wake up.

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier then when you do hit the snooze (as you will) you will still end up waking up at the appropriate time, instead of snoozing when you should be out of bed.

Give Yourself Time Before Work

Waking up a little earlier will give you added personal time before work. This means you can catch up on news, emails, social media, and anything else that you may be tempted to look at once you get to work.

This extra time will relax you AND increase your productivity once you get to work.

Stick to a Routine

The tips above may seem hard at first but if you keep doing them each morning they will get easier. Developing a routine will help make your whole morning easier and will automate your morning since you’re doing the same tasks each day.

This means you’ll have more time to focus on more important tasks and thoughts instead of trying to decide between cereal or oatmeal in the morning.

Workplace Productivity

Create a To-Do List

Creating a to-do list will help you keep track of everything you need to get done during your workday and will help you time manage throughout your day.

This list could just be a scrap of paper with a few notes on it but writing down your important tasks will help you manage and prioritize your day. checklist-2077020_1920

Do the Difficult Tasks First 

When possible, you should always complete your most difficult tasks first. This is true for two reasons:

1. You are more likely to put off difficult tasks and kill time, if you do the difficult task first (as much as you may not want to) that frees up the rest of your day for easier projects

2. Trying to do difficult tasks after lunch can be much more difficult. You mind and body have now had a break and have been taken out of ‘work mode’. Now your thoughts might be focused on going home instead of completing that task. Completing the difficult task before lunch will make for a much more productive day.

Avoid Checking Social Media/Emails Regularly

Only check emails every so often (if your work requires it) and avoid checking social media during your work day.

Studies show that it can take up to 30 minutes to get back into your work after being distracted. Imagine how many minutes are wasted if you checking social media every time a notification appears.

The ‘tweets’ and ‘likes’ can wait until your break or once you’re done work, don’t let social media or email get in the way of your productivity.

Take Advantage of Your Commute

Use your morning commute to start your day off on a productive foot. If you take public transit to work you could use your time to plan your to-do list, start work on a project, listen to a industry-related podcast, or answer emails. These types of duties take time once you get into work so anything that can be done before arriving will increase your productivity.

Evening Productivity

Plan your Morning

As stated above, use your evening to plan your next day. Set out your outfit, put together your lunch, and plan your breakfast for the next morning. alarm-clock-1193291_1920

Go to Sleep Early

A good night’s sleep will help keep you sharp and on the top of your game every day.

Don’t stay up late just for the sake of it; try going to sleep at the same time each night to develop a good nighttime routine.

Do Something You Enjoy

With all of the time you’ve saved with these productivity tips, use the extra time to do something you enjoy. Spend time with the family, go outside, exercise, or start a home project. Use your evening for you-time. You deserve it!