Why Use an Employment Agency?

What are the benefits to using an employment agency? How can we help make your job search easier? There are many benefits to using an employment agency in your job hunt. Here are 6 reasons you should use an agency during your job search – and why that agency should be Breakaway Staffing.

6 Reasons You Should Use an Employment Agency

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1.We always have jobs available

Jobs are our business. We always have a variety of jobs on the go in a variety of industries. if you’re looking for work, whether it’s part-time, full-time, or temporary, we have something for you. And all of our jobs are in one place! Don’t go searching on job boards for different companies- find jobs you want through us, we have what you’re looking for.

2. We’ll work with you

Maybe you want to work on a day shift or you can only work on the weekend – we can work with your schedule or requirements to find a job that suits your life. Want to be home with the kids at night? We’ll work to find a position for you during the day. More of a night owl? We have a variety of night shifts! We’ll help you find whatever type of work you’re looking for. And if we don’t have the work at the moment we always keep our associates in mind for any new jobs that come up.

3. We’ve got back ups

Since jobs are our business we always have many jobs available. If you find a job through us that you don’t like or that doesn’t work out we will work with you to find you another position. We want all of our associates to be happy with their workplace and want our clients to be happy with their workers so we work diligently to keep everyone satisfied and find the right fit for everyone we work with.

4. We know the industry

We know the industry we work in, the job market, and our clients really well. We know what our clients are looking for and what the going rate is for each position so we are able to sell you and your skills to our client and get you top dollar in your position. We know what our clients need so even if they’re not actively seeking employees we can convince them to make room for our associates that we stand behind and that have great skill sets.

5. We have the latest jobs

We have strong relationships with our clients which means they come to us with the newest job opportunities. Our associates have access to the newest jobs in the market before the general public since we will always consider our associates with appropriate skills for the job before we advertise the position for our client. We want to place our associates in the best jobs possible and we pride ourselves on our dedication to our associates and our clients.

6. We’re always here for you

Using an employment agency means you always have someone to answer your questions. The job search can be hectic and you may have a lot of questions, we will always be here to answer anything you’d like to know. Additionally, once you have a job you may have administrative questions or questions and concerns about the company you’re working for. We are always available to talk and help with any concerns you may have. At Breakaway we are open from 8AM to 7PM Monday to Friday and we have an after hours line. We have expanded hours to ensure there is always someone available if you need help.

If you’d like anymore information about our agency please visit here and if you’d like to see our current job openings click here!