The Benefits of a Small Business

There are many benefits to working with a small business. In honour of Small Business Week this week we want to dedicate today’s blog post to why you should be partnering with small businesses in your area!


The Benefits of Working with a Small Business

There are countless benefits to using a small business but today we’re going to outline our top five reasons you should be working with a small business.

1) Superior Customer Service

The customer service that a small business can offer you is unmatchable by any large business you can find.

When you’re working with a small business they treat you like family. They’re more likely to remember your name, your birthday, your family, and they’re more likely to truly care about your satisfaction with their product.

To many large businesses you are just another number, another purchase, and another dollar sign. Small businesses will take the time to get to know you which means much better customer service overall.

2) They Try Harder

A small business NEEDS your business. They are trying to get off the ground and grow their business which means they need your money and they need you to have a good experience with their company. This means that they will go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied with their product/service, something you are not likely to get with large businesses.

3)¬†They’re Integrated with their Community

A small business is much more likely to be heavily integrated within their community which means they know how they can best serve the community, how they can partner with other small businesses to offer you the best deals, and their presence in your community will help stimulate the economy and boost employment.

4) You’ll Grow as They Grow

As a customer of a small business you will gain all of the benefits of the company’s growth as they get bigger. You will be the first to have access to new products/services as they become available because you have been a reliable customer since their humble beginnings.

5) They Have a Single Focus

Most small businesses have one focus, one unique product/service which is the reason for their existence. This is unlike many large businesses which have a variety of products/services in different departments that they are trying to sell.

Having a singular focus means that the small business has dedicated themselves to a niche that they do very well. This means that they will be extremely knowledgeable about that product/service and will be able to better serve you.


Working with a small business means you will get superior customer service and a company dedicated to your satisfaction. Do yourself a favour and check out small businesses in your area this week!