Spring Safety Tips

As the weather changes and we put away our winter boots and heavy jackets in favour of running shoes and sweaters we must remember that with these changes comes a new set of new workplace safety risks.

It is crucial that you protect yourself and your co-workers from any dangers the spring season may produce.

Spring Safety Tips

Use the safety tips below to keep yourself and your co-workers safe this spring.

Working Outdoors

Use these five tips below to protect yourself when working outside.

  1. Wear proper safety gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing to avoid contaminations, irritants, and cuts from working outdoors
  2. Proper ear protection is crucial protect from harmful noises from loud machinery and other outdoors elements
  3. If working with lawn/construction equipment ensure proper training and read label warnings before use
  4. Reduce risk of sunburn with sunscreen and risk of bug bites with insect repellent
  5. Drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration
Heat Stress

Changes in temperature leave workers vulnerable to illnesses such as Heat Stress.

Heat Stress occurs when heat is combined with physical labour. This can lead to heat-related illnesses such as heat rash, cramps, heat exhaustion, or even death.

5 ways to prevent Heat Stress:

  1. Gradually expose your body to your environment over a period of time so you will get used to working in a hot environment
  2. Use automated machinery whenever possible to avoid exhaustive work
  3. Ensure proper training
  4. Wear proper protective clothing such as light clothing in warm weather
  5. Increase breaks/determine which jobs can be completed on a cooler day

Keeping employees safe at work is the responsibility of the employee AND the employer. We must work together to keep everyone safe by taking the proper precautions in the workplace once the warm weather hits.