4 Simple Ways to Avoid Spreading Germs at Work

As we are in the midst of flu season and concern grows around the Coronavirus it is important to ensure that you are not spreading germs in the workplace. Follow the four simple steps below to keep yourself and others safe and avoid spreading germs at work.

1. Wash Your Hands  

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spreading of communicable diseases and infections.

Hands should be washed regularly throughout the day including:spreading germs at work

  • Before handling or eating food
  • After using the washroom
  • After sneezing or wiping your nose

2. Cover your Mouth When you Cough or Sneeze

Use a tissue and throw it out after each use rather than keeping it in your pocket or on your work area/desk. If you do not have a tissue it is recommended that you cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve to avoid the spread of germs in the air.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face

Germs can be easily spread when people with the flu cough, sneeze, or talk and droplets can enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth. When you touch surfaces always be sure to wash your hands before touching your face or use a tissue.

4. Clean & Disinfect Surface or Shared Items

Viruses can live for 24 to 48 hours on surfaces such as desks, countertops, door handles, computer keyboards, and phones. If you have a shared work-space it is recommended that you clean or disinfect before each use.

Some people are more vulnerable when exposed to germs. For example babies, children under the age of 5, adults 65 and older, pregnant people, and those with already severe health conditions that have weakened their immune system. The flu causes about 12,000 cases and 3.500 deaths in Canada each year. Taking the above precautions and making it part of your daily routine can reduce the risks of spreading germs in the workplace!

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