7 Rules for Social Media Job Applications

Due to the increase in job competition and the decreasing unemployment rate in Canada, many companies have broadened their search for employees and an increasingly popular method of recruiting is via social media. Understanding how to apply for work on social media can be tricky. Today’s blog post is dedicated to navigating you through your social media job applications.

social media job application

Social Media Job Postings

If you are active on any of the major social media sites it is likely that you have come across a company’s job posting. Whether it is a tweet looking for the next best ‘Tech Guru’ or a Facebook post looking for ASAP Industrial Workers, there are a large number of job opportunities popping up on social media feeds.

Social media can be a great way to apply for a job. Company profiles provide a simple way to learn more about a company without having to search for information and their postings are convenient for responding to their job ad.

However, because this method of applying for work is relatively unexplored for many of us, it can be easy to forget that there is still a structure and professionalism required when applying for a job on these sites. It is important to remember that an potential employer will be reading your information/profile when making a hiring decision.

To help you navigate the social media job application we have outlined 7 rules to follow in order to make the most of your application!

7 Rules for Social Media Job Applications

Make Sure Your Name is Visible

If you are using a username/slag name that is not your actual first/last name then be sure to make that information known to the company you are applying to. Applying for a position with your social media username can cause confusion and dissuade the company from contacting you because they don’t know if you are serious about the position or just a spam account.

Good example: John Smith
Bad Example: JDogg798

Attach Your Resume

It is easy to get caught up in the process of replying to a job you see on social media but don’t forget that you still have to follow standard job searching rules! Don’t forget to attach your resume if possible. If there is no opportunity to attach a resume be sure to include information about why you are suitable for the role and follow up with a resume when possible.

Be Professional

Professionalism is easily lost on social media. However, you must remember that your potential employer will read your message(s) and is forming an opinion of you as a potential employee of theirs. It is important to use full sentences, avoid emojis/slang, and communicate respectfully in order to convey your professionalism over message.

Good Example: Good Afternoon, I am interested in the Office Clerk position I saw on your Twitter profile.

Bad Example: Hey man, I need that office job.

Review Your Profile Picture/Content

If you are going to apply for jobs using your social media accounts you must ensure that you have an appropriate profile picture and that your account is ‘job search ready’. Employers are very likely to review your account if you reach out to them on social media so make sure that your profile is appropriate for a potential employer to see.

Additionally, your name and profile picture are the first thing the employer will see when they read your message. Make sure that both are appropriate and would not prevent an employer from contacting you.

Examples of what NOT to show in your profile picture/content: drinking, drug use, provocative photos

Provide Current Contact Information

When you apply for a job the employer is going to look for a way to contact you. Be sure to have your notifications on so that you are aware of any contact via social media and if your social media accounts contain any personal contact info (email, phone number, etc) make sure that the information is up to date so that the company can reach out to you.

Ensure You Are Qualified

Employers are likely to receive many messages on their social media accounts. If you are interested in a specific job opening they have posted make sure that you are qualified for that position. Cut through the noise by providing the employer with a great message about how you are the best candidate for the role. They will appreciate your dedication and this will set you apart from the other applicants.

Know How Much Information to Share

Most social media platforms have multiple ways you can communicate with a company. Whether you are send the company a DM (Direct Message) or commenting on their post, it is important to remember who can see your message.

If you are DMing a company about a job they are offering then you can provide them with all of your contact details. DMs are private messages and only company employees will be able to review your information.

However, if you are expressing your interest in a position by replying to a comment on a company’s social media post be careful with the information you share; the public will be able to view your comment. If you are leaving a public comment it is best to use that space to express your interest in a position with the company and provide a snapshot of why you are the best candidate for the job. Then follow up with a DM to the company providing more details along with your contact information. This is the best course of action for securing your private information and securing a new job opportunity.

Be sure to follow these 7 rules for social media job applications in order to successfully use this new hiring method to your advantage when navigating your job search.