Successful Skype Interview Tips

Many companies (Breakaway included!) are swapping out the traditional telephone interview in favour of the Skype interview.

Video interviews via Skype or other similar services offer companies the opportunity to for an introductory interview with you without needing you to come into their physical office. Skype interviews can be a convenient, time-saving way to get to know a candidate before moving further in the job interview process.

As these types of interviews grow in popularity it is likely you will encounter one during your job search. Be sure to follow the tips below for a successful Skype interview.

Skype interview

Skype Interview Tips


  • Keep your Skype username and email professional
  • If you’re going to use a picture on your account make sure that is professional as wellUntitled design (8)
  • Ensure any necessary software updates (to Skype, your computer, phone, tablet, etc) are done prior to your interview day
  • Make sure your microphone and webcam (if using a computer) are working prior to the interview time
  • An easy way to ensure all software is functioning correctly is to do a test interview with family or friends before your actual interview time

Interview Setting

  • Find an appropriate setting for your interview – somewhere that is quiet and that has no distractions
  • Make sure the location is professional (an interviewer doesn’t need to see your messy bedroom) – clean up your area or go to a location that offers a more professional look
  • Be online and ready for you interview before it is expected to begin

The Interview

  • Treat the Skype interview the same as you would an in-person interview
  • Dress professionally
  • Do research on the company/position prior to the interview
  • Be ready to answer any and all of the standard interview questions
  • Make eye contact with interviewer
  • If you have notes/your resume in front of you make sure you’re not reading off of it or constantly looking at the paper
  • Have questions prepared for your interviewer

For the most part a Skype interview is very similar to an in-person interview. You will apply the same interview tactics for a successful Skype interview as you would a regular interview. The differences are mostly in the preparation for the interview. Because this type of interview is technology-based you must ensure all technology is functioning properly prior to your interview.

If you have working technology, a proper interview setting, and the knowledge to treat your Skype interview as you would an in-person interview then you have all of the elements you need to succeed in your next Skype interview!