Safety Tips for Young Workers

Young workers are much more likely to be injured on the job than other workers. As a young worker, protecting yourself should be your #1 priority when starting a new job. You are entitled to have the knowledge and support to speak up and work in a safe environment.

As a young worker you must remember these 5 simple safety tips when you entering your next workplace.

If interested in learning more about young worker safety you can visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety’s website. They have an entire section of their site dedicated to keeping young and new workers safe. Visit the site here for more information ¬†and don’t forget to stay safe!
Safety tips for young workers

Safety tips for Young Workers

1.Ask Questions: If you are ever unsure of safety procedures or work conditions ask your supervisor. They are there to help!

2. Pay Attention to Training: Your workplace health and safety training is your most valuable took. Pay attention to the training you are given by your employer, it could save your life one day.

3. Wear Your Safety Gear: The first step to workplace safety is to wear your protective hear. Your employer has asked you to wear those items for the specific purpose of keeping you safe. Wear proper additional protective gear when cleaning up spills, dealing with hazards, etc as outlined in your health and safety training.

4. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings: Always keep your eyes and ears open for potential hazards in the workplace. Pay attention to the people and machinery around you in order to protect yourself from avoidable hazards.

5. Get Help: If you ever feel a situation is too much to handle on your own ask for help! Never risk your health or safety, ask a co-worker or supervisor to assist you. This includes speaking up if you are asked to complete any task you feel is unsafe.