12 Tips for Staying Safe at Work

Staying safe at work should be every worker’s number one priority.

We must keep safety in mind every day to ensure the continued safety of ourselves and our co-workers in the workplace. These 12 simple tips below will help you to stay safe at work every day.

12 Tips for Staying Safe at Work (3)

12 Tips for Staying Safe at Work:

These tips below will help you and your coworkers stay safe on the job. Remember: you have the right to refuse unsafe work.

  1. Get Training – learn how to follow the rules and work safely
  2. Be Supervised – Ensure your supervisor is available for any questions you may have
  3. Wear the Gear – use your protective equipment as required
  4. Identify Risks – report any unsafe practices/situations to your supervisor
  5. If you don’t know, ask – there are no dumb questions
  6. Do Your Job – Don’t do anything you’ve been told not to do
  7. Follow the Safety Rules – If you don’t know the safety rules, ask your supervisor
  8. Report Hazards – tell your supervisor if you see anything hazardous
  9. If You’re Hurt – No matter how minor, report all injuries to your supervisor/employer
  10. Talk to Your Family – Tell them what you do at work. Let them know if something’s wrong
  11. Be Honest – if a task is too much for you, say so. Don’t attempt anything you can’t handle
  12. Never Assume – don’t assume you can do something without instruction or supervision