6 Tips for Editing Your Resume

Job seekers have countless articles available to them outlining what they should include in their resume. Should it be one page or two? Should you include a summary? Your address? Social media links? References? All of these questions have been answered time and time again.

In the midst of trying to decipher what exactly should be included on your resume it can be easy to forget the basics that play a large part in portraying your image to a potential employer, things like editing.


Having a two page resume with the proper bullet points and relevant work history is worthless if it is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Editing is one of the fundamental necessities of resume writing. It is crucial to edit for mistakes multiple times before sending resumes to potential employers.

Use these 6 articles below to help you make sure your resume is in perfect form before sending it out to the world.

1. Avoid These Common Resume Typos

2. 17 Punctuation Mistakes That Make You Look Bad

3. Never Make these 5 Grammar Mistakes on Your Resume

4. 5 Spelling Errors That Can Torpedo Your Resume or Cover Letter

5. 150+ Funny CV/Resume Blunders

6. I Sent My Resume With a Typo? Should I Send a New One?

With the help of the articles above your resume should be the perfect tool to help you find your next great job!