Relevant Work Experience on Your Resume

There is countless advice online about what to include on your resume. Should it be one page or two? Should you include your hobbies? Which font is best? How should you phrase your accomplishments?

And while all of these tips are valid (we have posted one or two articles about them ourselves), it is easy to forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing you should include on your resume: relevant work experience.

When writing your resume it is crucial that you include accurate information about your previous work history that is relevant to the job that you are applying for.

For example, let’s say in the past 5 years you have done these 3 jobs: relevant work experience

  • Forklift Operator at ABC company
  • Customer Service at 123 company
  • Tutor at XYZ company

And today you are applying to be a Forklift Operator at AAA Company. It is CRITICAL that you include your past work experience as a Forklift Operator at ABC company on your resume when applying for this new job.

Why is it so important to include relevant work experience?

1. The employer needs to know that you are qualified

Your potential employer needs to know that you have the relevant experience required to complete the job they are hiring for! In the example above, be sure to outline your responsibilities as a Forklift Operator at your previous job along with any licenses, duties, etc that you think will set you apart from the competition.

If you do not include your relevant work history information on your resume then chances are you will not move forward to the interview stage with this company. Most employers will only reach out to the applicants that have relevant work experience listed on their resume.

2. So that the employer will see your resume

Most employers use some form of technology to sort through the resumes they receive on a daily basis. Certain systems will allow employers to search for keywords in your resume so if you don’t the appropriate keywords (in the example above it would be ‘Forklift’ or ‘Forklift Operator’) in your resume then you will never come up in an employer’s search. This means that your resume will never appear in front of the hiring manager because they don’t know that you have the proper skills required for the job.

With more and more companies using technology to speed up the way they work it is crucial that you include the proper details in your resume so that you will appear in searches, get in front of the proper hiring manager, and get a call for that job that you want!

Don’t Miss Out on Opportunity

While it is important to make sure your resume looks as good as possible when submitting it for a new job, it is absolutely critical to ensure you are including your relevant work history in your resume.

Without it, your potential employer will not know that you have the experience required to complete the job and with advancements in technology, the potential employer may never even see your resume without those crucial keywords related to your work history.

Don’t miss out on potential job opportunities; include all relevant experience and you’ll be on your way towards your next great job!