5 Tips to Refocus Your Job Search This Summer

Job searching can be difficult and it can be tempting to put aside the search during the summer in favour of soaking in the warm weather. But don’t let the great weather stop you from reaching your goal – try the 5 tips below to refocus your job search this summer!

5 Tips to Refocus Your Job Search This Summer

Volunteer volunteer-4191223_1920

Use this summer to volunteer in your field. Many positions require previous experience in your industry to consider you for a position so use this summer to volunteer with a company where you can learn new skills and have industry-related experience to add to the resume, it’ll make all the difference.

If you cannot find a company in your field to volunteer with try volunteering somewhere that you can transfer the skills you learn to your job field. Any position that allows you to lead, work as a team, communicate, or demonstrate time management could be used effectively in your resume to demonstrate those skills to a future employer.

Revamp the Resume

If you’ve been applying and applying to jobs with no success if may be time to update your resume. Be sure to keep your resume concise, easy to read, and free of any irrelevant information.

Try these tips for revamping your resume and getting you back on track!

Use Social Media twitter-292994_1920

Social media can be an incredible tool for your job search. Companies are posting more and more of their open positions on their Twitter and Facebook accounts and there are countless employees from these companies on social media for you to connect with.

Take time this summer to update your profiles and post more frequently. Being active on social media (and even creating a blog) shows determination and commitment to projects, and this allows you to get your thoughts and ideas in front of decision-makers using sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter can be a great way to connect with companies you are interested in working for. Following these companies on Twitter will give you access to their latest jobs, projects, and industry news, which will help you in your job search. You could also reach out to/connect with employees of these companies in order to learn more about the company and develop contacts within the company. Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are full of opportunities for job seekers, all it takes is committing the time to exploring the possibilities.


While you can use social media to network online you can also use this summer to network in person. Find networking events in your area and go to these events to meet people in your industry. The more events you can go to the more people you will meet, contacts you will make, and information/tips you will pick up that can help you with your search and with your industry knowledge. Dedicate some of your time this summer to networking events and you will be one step ahead in your job search.

Learn a New Skill

Staying inside can be very beneficial this summer. The summer is a great time to learn a new skill that can be useful in your industry. There are countless websites dedicated to teaching new skills (see here for some great options) so all you have to do is decide what you’d like to learn!

The warm weather can be tempting; it is easy to throw aside your job search in favour of going to the beach but the summer months are the best time to dedicate to your job search. Use the five tips above to refocus your job search this summer!