Boosting Your Professional Image at Work

In every job, it’s important to be sure you’re seen by both your employer and your co-workers in a professional light. Professionalism at work merits both recognition and respect. But the truth is, it’s easy to slip into a routine that puts forth a mediocre image at work. If you’ve found yourself lacking a bit when it comes to your professional image, consider these tips on how you can improve the way you’re perceived inside the office.

Here’s How You Can Boost Your Professional Image at Work

 Be Confidentemma-matthews-973230-unsplash

While it might appear to you that some people are simply born with confidence, and others are not, developing the skills to be more sure of yourself is easier than it looks. Improving your confidence and your professional image in the office begins with simple discussions. Instead of avoiding conversation at the water cooler or as you grab your morning coffee, set a personal goal to strike up a discussion with a coworker. Keeping to yourself during every opportunity for interaction will hold you back from being the best you can be at work. While you don’t need to go out of your way to talk to everyone you work with, being a bit more confident by developing connections in the office will do wonders for your professional image overall.

Embrace Your Look

A large part of your professional image comes down to your look when you enter the office. Be sure you come to work dressed in a way that showcases both your personality and professionalism all at once. While it’s probably tempting to sleep in a bit longer and spend less time on your daily look, your style truly does matter when it comes to how you’re viewed.  It’s important to embrace a look that speaks to who you are while at the same time implying you care about the work you do. Remember to always wear what makes you feel your best. For some, a full suit is what works well while for others something more comfortable is the better choice. You can easily find well-known brands that are both comfortable and professional for less if you’re looking to not break the bank. Shop cost-effective Madewell looks at online store thredUP for a name brand style that’s sure to help with your image and your comfort level.

 Say Yes

If you were to ask most employers to name traits of people who thrive at their company, one of the top answers would describe someone who says yes often. Respected professionals are usually the people in your office who are quick to lend a hand and slow to waste time. If you’re looking to boost how you’re perceived professionally, try saying yes more often. Saying yes will help maintain your production during the day as well as help you to avoid procrastination. Offer to lend a hand on projects that might not be a part of your job description and use the opportunity as a learning experience. Make it known to everyone in the office that should they need extra help, you’re the person they can go to. Developing a reputation of saying yes when you’re needed will truly show your office just how serious you are about your work.

Stay Positiveprofessional image

For the most part, you will rarely see someone you respect in the workplace projecting negativity. As a working professional, it’s part of your job to maintain a positive outlook during your day to day tasks. While it’s perfectly normal to get frustrated from time to time, staying positive is a must when looking to earn the respect of your peers and your employer. Positivity is an infectious trait that will help others see you as a light to your office, and hopefully, help you to get noticed the next time you’re holding out for a big raise. Try stopping your negative thoughts about work in their tracks the next time you feel yourself wanting to complain, this will help prove to yourself, and to others, that you value your professional image.