Pedestrian Awareness in the Warehouse

Forklift Operators go through immense safety training before starting their job in a warehouse environment. They are taught to yield to pedestrians and do everything in their power to keep themselves and their co-workers safe while on the job. However, it is your responsibility as a pedestrian in the warehouse to also exercise awareness and caution when working around these machines.

All employees in the warehouse must work together to keep the workplace safe. There are crucial steps you must take as a pedestrian in a warehouse environment to keep yourself free of harm.

Follow the steps below to ensure proper awareness and safety while on the job!


Pedestrian Awareness in the Warehouse

Stay Alert

It is crucial to stay alert while in the warehouse. Do not use your phone while walking in the warehouse. Being distracted by something like your phone means that you are less likely to see a machine approaching your path. Distractions can have severe consequences for you and your co-workers. Stay alert while walking in the warehouse and wait until you are safely in the lunchroom or outside of the facility to check your phone.

Stay in Line 

In most warehouses there are designated walking areas and signs for pedestrians. The signage around you will tell you if you are in a safe area. Things like stop signs, painted lines, caution symbols, and more can be found in all areas of the warehouse and must be taken seriously at all times. Failure to follow these directions can lead to injury or collision with a machine.

Stay Back

Forklifts are not designed to come to a quick stop. A forklift operator will practice caution at all times while operating their lift but it is still your responsibility as a pedestrian to make sure you avoid walking in a forklift’s path while in operation. Avoid walking in front or behind the forklift; these machines are large and there is always a chance that the operator may not see you which can result in injury or death.

Pedestrian awareness in the warehouse is crucial in order to keep you safe. By following the three simple steps above you can keep yourself and your co-workers free from harm while working in the warehouse.