Pam’s Perfect Resume

Today we are going to talk about resumes. You may have seen our last post about our recruiting process and are now interested in submitting a resume to Breakaway.


That’s wonderful! You are well on your way to finding your next job. But before you do, we would like to provide some tips for submitting the best resume which will result in you being called in for an interview.

To gather this information I spoke to Pam, our Resume Guru. She is in charge of screening all resumes that come into Breakaway and calling suitable candidates into our office for an interview.

Pam has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to land a Breakaway job and was kind enough to offer her insights into what makes the perfect resume. Applying Pam’s suggestions to your resume is a sure-fire way to getting her attention and to getting your next job.


Q: What is the first thing you notice when someone submits a resume?

Pam: the first thing I notice is the subject line. The subject tells me exactly which position they applied for.

Q: Is there anything people can put in the subject line/email to make them more noticeable?

Pam: Put the type of work you are looking for. People like to submit resumes with the subject line ‘Resume’, this does not help to identify the job you want. I receive an abundance of emails each day and I need to be able to clearly see the position someone is applying for. This not only helps me in my search but will convey to me exactly what you are looking for.

Q: What are the basics that you look for in a resume?

Pam: I look for a resume that is well-written. If you have put effort into your resume it will show, it shows that you care about your accomplishments and are serious about looking for work. I also make sure there are no gaps in your work history, gaps send up red flags.


Q: How long does it take for you to determine whether you will call someone in for an interview?

Pam: 1 minute.

Q: What is the biggest mistake people commonly make when submitting their resume?

Pam: Not attaching their resume to the email. This happens all the time. Take the time to ensure that your resume (the most important part) is there before you hit send. We do not chase after people so you will be missing out on an excellent opportunity. Always double check.

Q: Are there any major flaws in a resume that will make you stop reading immediately?

Pam: A resume that has too many jobs on it is a major flaw. This indicates a job jumper and since the majority of our positions are long-term we are looking for someone who will stay in a job for a long period of time.


Q: Any tips for crafting the perfect resume for Breakaway? What is Pam’s perfect resume?

Pam: Keep it to 1 page!! Only put relevant experience in your resume. Do not go back further than 10 years with your experience unless you have only had 1 employer in that time. Further back and it is almost impossible to confirm experience so it does not need to be on your resume.

Also, if you have worked for other agencies in the past you do not need to list each position you had at the agency separately. Your information for that company can be the name of the agency and the positions you worked while at that agency can be listed underneath. That way, I will see all of the jobs you had at the agency and when calling for a reference we call the agency, not the company you worked for, so we will have all of the info we need.

Lastly, do not include a cover page. It is unnecessary and unless it is extremely well written it will not make a difference in helping to land you the job.

Q: Is there anything an applicant can do to speed up the process/get in for an interview quicker?

Pam: Applicants can call in to confirm that their resume has been received.


Q: Do you have any general information that people submitting resumes should know about our resume process?

Pam: I look at the subject line first. That is your selling point. Make sure it is relevant to the job you are applying for. In our job postings we tell applicants what to write in the subject line. Anything in a subject line that is unclear, such as the ‘Resume’ ones I mentioned earlier, not only don’t convey the position of interest but show the applicant cannot follow direction/did not read the entire ad, which is another red flag.

Q: Thanks Pam!

Pam: Your welcome!

Applying Pam’s tips to your resume is an excellent way to help secure your next interview.

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