Tips for Packing a Healthy Work Lunch

Since today is ‘World Heart Day’, ‘National Coffee Day’, and ‘Biscotti Day’, we thought we’d offer tips and tricks for packing a healthy work lunch while we all try to avoid treats and keep ourselves healthy.

Packing a lunch for work can be difficult. Lunch is not always inspiring and can be a pain to have to pack each day. Use the tips below to help you not only pack your lunch every day, but pack a healthy lunch your heart would be proud of!

Packing a Healthy Work Lunch

Pack Lunch the Night Before

If you wait until the morning to pack your lunch you may be too tired, uninspired, or rushed to bother packing anything. Packing your lunch the night before, or setting aside time on Sunday to plan/make your lunches for the week, can take the stress out of packing a lunch and make it easier to focus on packing something healthy.


Find a Lunch Bag/Container You Like

This seems like a silly suggestion but having a bag and a container you look forward to using can really help motivate you to pack your lunch each day.

Pack Foods that You Like

Make sure to include foods in your lunch that you really enjoy eating. Having something to look forward to mid-day is much better than arriving at lunchtime and wanting to go and buy a different meal. Bring leftovers from last night’s dinner that you really liked or keep foods you enjoy on hand at home to make easy lunches you’ll love to eat.

Balance Out Your Meal

Be sure to include proteins, carbs, fruits, and vegetables in your lunches. Having a balanced meal with keep you healthy and keep you feeling great for the rest of your work day.

Mix Up Your Meals

Try not to bring the same things each week. Recycle certain foods that you love but try to repurpose ingredients or try new recipes to bring some excitement to your lunch break.

Don’t Forget Your Lunch

There’s nothing worse than going to all of the trouble of making a lunch and then forgetting it at home. Leave yourself a note or put your keys in the kitchen – do something that will remind you to grab your lunch out of the fridge before leaving the house.

Struggling to come up with exciting, healthy lunches?

Try some of these sites for suggestions: (click through for healthy lunch ideas)

Follow the tips above for packing a healthy work lunch.

If you have any recipes or tips you’d like to share with us please leave a comment below or share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.