11 Office Holiday Party Tips

It’s that time of year again: work holiday parties! Office parties can be a great time to mingle with co-workers and come together as a company after a year of hard work. But they can just as easily go astray if we forget we’re still taking part in a work function. Use the tips below to stay on your best behaviour and successfully navigate your office holiday party this year.

11 Work Holiday Party Tips

1. Attend

The office party is a time for the whole company to come together and for management to thank their employees for their hard work this year. Be sure to put in an appearance and let everyone know you appreciate them and their efforts.

2. Know the dress code

Before showing up to the party make sure you know the dress code. It may not be appropriate to show up wearing an ugly christmas sweater if the party requires fancy evening wear.

3. Don’t forget you’re at work

Even though you are at a party do not forget that you are being judged as though you are at work. Keep your comments and drinking in check to ensure you’re not embarrassed on Monday morning.

4. Know your limits

Do not drink to excess at your work party. Know how much alcohol you can handle and scale back on your drinking. It is fine to have a few drinks with co-workers but becoming drunk and rowdy is unnecessary for a work function.

5. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

If you are going to drink at the party make sure you eat before you show up. If you start drinking and haven’t eaten you run the risk of getting much more drunk than you intended.

6. Be mindful of your +1

If you’re going to bring a guest to the holiday party make sure they are aware of the environment they are entering into and that they are on their best behaviour. Your guest is a reflection of you, anything they do or say to your co-workers will reflect on you once you’re back in the office on Monday morning.

7. Mingle

Be sure to mingle with co-workers! This is a great opportunity for you to get to know people outside work. If your company is large then the office party is also a great chance to mingle with individuals from other departments and get to know executives in other areas of the business.

8. Avoid too much shop talk

While the topic of work is bound to come up (you all work at the same place after all…) be sure to take time to talk about other things. Too much work talk can lead to gossiping and doesn’t make for a relaxing evening. Take a break from the office work and talk about other interests throughout the night.

9. Don’t post pictures online

Amidst the fun of the office party it is easy for everyone to start snapping pictures. Be mindful of what is posted online and avoid any unprofessional photos that could harm your co-worker’s or your company’s reputation.

10. Remember to say ‘Thank you’

Your management team has gone to the trouble of arranging a holiday party for your company. Make sure you express your gratitude and say thank you to the appropriate people for taking the time to put together a party.

11. Show up for work the next day

No matter what happens at the party, make sure you show up for work the next day. Nothing is worse than being too drunk from a work event to show up and do your job the following day. Keep yourself in check and make sure you’re able to walk into work the next day with your head held high – not hiding in shame from anything that happened the night before.