Manage & Reduce Stress at Work

We are entering into a time of year that can be very stressful in the workplace. Many companies experience high volumes around the holiday season so it is understandable that this time of year can cause added stress for workers.

It is important to manage and reduce stress at work during these next few months in order to keep yourself healthy and happy heading into the new year.


Below are 5 tips to manage and reduce stress at work:

Act Don’t React

Many stresses come from being unprepared. Being suddenly bombarded with tasks you did not expect can cause you to feel overwhelmed and feel additional stress. Try to think ahead and set up your day in a way that will prevent unexpected occurrences from completely derailing your day and causing added stresses.

Sneak Away

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed it can be helpful to step away from the problem/situation and take a moment for yourself. Taking a quick walk, getting fresh air, or doing deep breathing can help to give yourself a mental and physical break from the thing causing you stress. Some time away can help you come back to the problem with a fresh mind and attitude.

Change Your Perspective

The way that you interpret a situation will directly affect the stress that situation brings you. Instead of going into a situation thinking it will be difficult, try to identify the positive aspects of what you’re doing and take a step back to view the situation objectively, it can help you to make the situation less personal and instead shed light on how you can approach with a new perspective.

Get Out of Your Own Head

Many times the thing that causes us the most stress is ourselves! We overthink or worry about a task without giving ourselves a chance to succeed. Try to be self-aware in what stresses you bring to a situation and work on eliminating your self-doubt and building up your own self-confidence. This can help you become better prepared for any task and eliminate self-placed stresses.

Eat & Sleep Right

Improper eating and sleeping patterns can add stress to an already stressful time of year. Not eating properly can make you irritable and irregular sleep patterns does not allow you to rejuvenate from the day before. Maintain your food and sleep intake to eliminate any added stresses that may come from these variable.

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