Make Your Resume Easier to Read

I’m sure you’ve heard the statistic: employers spend approximately 6 seconds skimming your resume before they decide if you’re going into the interview pile or into the trash. While this may seem a bit harsh (and hopefully there is no literal trash can), it is an accurate statistic to convey how quickly you must impress an employer with your resume.

You have a very small window of opportunity to impress the individual reading your resume. If your qualifications don’t stand out right away you are at risk of losing a job opportunity. There is nothing worse than being qualified for a position and losing out because of a poorly outlined/sloppy resume.

Use the tips below to ensure your resume is easy to read!


5 Tips to Make Your Resume Easier to Read

Put Relevant Information At the Top

Don’t waste time or beat around the bush. Put all of your relevant work experience and schooling at the top of your resume. An employer should not have to go to the second page of your resume to find the experience that qualifies you for the job. Make sure that information is front and centre so they know right away why they should hire you.

Proper Email Address & Phone Number

Make sure that your contact information is current and at the top of your resume. As an employer, there is nothing worse than reading a great candidate’s resume and not being able to contact them because the email address or phone number have been typed out wrong or the number is not in service. Ensure all of your information is correct before pressing send on your application.

Check Your Spelling

Similar to the tip above, be sure that all of the spelling and grammar in your resume is correct before hitting send. Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, incorrect spelling and grammar could be the deciding factor in you getting the job interview.

Labelling Your Resume File

The first thing an employer is likely to see when pulling up your resume on their computer is the file name. Make sure the file is named something appropriate and avoid labelling it ‘resume’. Many people use this label and your resume can get lost in the employer’s computer with all of the others. Instead, label it ‘Firstname Lastname resume’. This is a simple and clean format that will not cause any confusion.

Keep it Simple

Unless you are in a profession where it it appropriate to show off your creativity or computer skills, your resume doesn’t have to be extremely fancy. It is acceptable to have a simple resume. Keep the format easy to read and don’t complicate it with too many different fonts or things like skill ratings. A simple resume is easy to read and allows for less distractions. Adding some colour is okay but don’t go overboard, let your experience do the talking.