Long Weekend Tips for Staying In & Going Out

The long weekend is finally here!! As we gear up to celebrate there are many things we must take into consideration.Things like: Are we going to the cottage? Going to a fireworks celebration? Or are we just going to stay in and enjoy the three day weekend?

No matter what your plans are this weekend we have great tips for you in today’s blog post.

Heading Out this Weekend?

If you’re heading out this weekend then chances are you are going to encounter a lot of people and a lot of sun. The traffic and the weather are two of the largest safety concerns associated with a long weekend.

Follow our safety tips below for a safe and successful Canada Day:


Many of us start our long weekend with a drive. Whether it’s to the cottage or the beach it is important to follow these safe driving tips:

  • Look for a less travelled route → Less traffic means less opportunities for accidents and a smoother drive to your destination
  • Don’t drive when tired → As much as you may want to beat the traffic and leave in the wee hours in the morning, be sure you are well rested and alert when getting behind the wheel
  • Don’t drink and drive → NEVER consume alcohol or drugs and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When returning home from this long weekend make sure you have not consumed alcohol prior to making the drive
  • Buckle up → Lack of seatbelts result in injuries and deaths that are preventable – don’t drive without wearing your seatbelt
  • Leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you → Everyone wants to get their weekend started faster but driving dangerously puts you and others in your vehicle at risk. Drive safely and start your weekend in one piece


Swimming and watersports are a huge part of the Canadian long weekend. Everyone can have fun and stay safe doing water activities by following these safety tips:

  • Always supervise children → Young children ages 1-4 are at the greatest risk of drowning; keep an eye on children at all times when around water
  • Wear a life jacket when boating or doing watersports → Avoid the risk of drowning by wearing a correct size life jacket when participating in any activities that take you into open water
  • Do not drink and boat  Just as you would not drink and drive do not drink and operate a boat
  • Swim with a buddy → Dangerous situations can occur while swimming. Avoid being stranded on your own by keeping friends/family close by when you’re in the water
  • Do not swim in bad weather conditions → It’s very dangerous to swim in bad weather. Pay attention to the weather before you swim and keep an eye out for bad weather conditions while swimming to avoid dangerous situations


We all hope for beautiful and sunny weather this long weekend. But with warm weather comes the hazards of the sun. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these tips:

  • Pay attention to extreme heat warnings → Avoid potentially dangerous conditions by staying aware of heat warnings in your area
  • Cover up → Wear light clothes and hats to avoid heat-related illness
  • Limit your time in the sun → After extended amounts of time in the sun be sure to spend some time indoors/in shaded areas to give your body a break from the heat
  • Use sunscreen → Keep your skin protected by wearing sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun
  • Drink water → Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and other cool liquids throughout the day
  • Wear sunglasses Protect your eyes and bring sunglasses with you this weekend
  • Keep children out of the sun → Children can not handle the heat the same way adults can. Keep them out of the sun and protected (sunscreen, hats, etc) at all times


Fireworks! The exciting finale of the long weekend. If you’re setting off fireworks this weekend be sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Follow regulations when purchasing fireworks  Do not purchase illegal fireworks
  • Read instructions and follow warnings  Make sure you know what you’re doing when setting up fireworks
  • Do not store unused fireworks near the ones being lit → This can lead to accidentally activating the unused fireworks which can lead to injury
  • Check wind directions → Be sure to monitor which way the wind is blowing to avoid sending fireworks in the direction of your audience
  • Seat spectators at a safe distance  Seat your audience far enough away from the lighting of the fireworks that they are safely out of harm’s way
  • Only allow adults to handle fireworks  No one under the age of 18 should participate in setting off fireworks
  • Do not handle fireworks impaired  Do not light fireworks if you have been drinking. Be sure that you are alert and aware of your surrounding when setting off fireworks
  • Do not handle live fireworks  Never hold a lighted firework in your hand
  • Dispose of fireworks safely  Follow proper protocol when disposing of fireworks after the show is over

Staying in This Weekend?

There’s no better time to stay in and relax. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend then why not advance your career?

Below are ten things you can do this weekend to help your job search:

Update Your Resume 

A job search starts with having an up-to-date resume. Use your time off to dust off the resume and update it or start a fresh resume from scratch.

Remember: even if you’re not actively looking for a job it is important to always have a current resume on hand.

Spread Your Resume 

Publish your resume on job boards. There are many job boards that offer the opportunity to post your resume for potential employers to find. This is a simple task that gets your resume in front of potential employers, even if you aren’t applying directly to their company.

Update Your Social Media 

Take the time on your day off to update your social media accounts. Make sure all of our profiles are cohesive and professional. Update your LinkedIn profile with your current resume info and a professional picture. Make sure the information/post on your accounts are things you’d like potential employers to see and use this time to follow brands in your industry, this will help keep you up-to-date with industry news and put your name in front of key people in your industry.

Practice Your Interview Answers

If you have a job interview coming up there’s no better time than a day off to practice your answers to common (and unusual) job interview questions. It is always good to have answers to the classics “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” as well as answers to other standard interview questions. You can also use this time to create a list of questions you will ask the interviewer at the end of the job interview.

Network Online

Many other people will be home celebrating these holidays as well so this is a great time to get online and network. LinkedIn and Twitter are two examples of fantastic sites with endless networking capabilities. Use these outlets to get your name and your ideas out there. Combined with your blog you will have countless networking opportunities, all from the comfort of your own home.

Start a Blog 

A blog can be a great tool to express your creativity and knowledge. Maintaining a blog shows discipline and time management in addition to giving you an in with your industry. Use this free day to start writing about something you’re passionate about. This can open up many networking opportunities including guest blogging and interactions with game changers in the industry.

Apply, Apply, Apply

If you’re in the middle of a job search and haven’t been receiving much response, don’t fret! Don’t get discouraged, keep applying. It is important to keep applying to jobs you’re qualified for. Make adjustments to your resume if required and keep a list of places you’ve applied to so you know which job is which when they contact you for an interview. And remember: every no is one step closer to your yes, just keep applying!

Learn a New Skill

The internet is full of opportunities to better yourself and learn a new skill. Take this long weekend to dive into a new topic or learn a new language that you can apply to your work life.

For some examples of where to start look here.

Make a Job Search Schedule

It is important to schedule your time during a job search. It can be easy to get discouraged but if you commit yourself to a schedule of applying to a number of jobs per day or networking a certain number of times a week it is easier to complete those tasks. Develop a job search schedule to help prioritize your search and ensure it doesn’t end up on the backburner.


Job searching can be exhausting. It’s important to keep up your job search but it’s just as important to take care of yourself and make sure you are at your best as you enter into a new phase of your life. If you’ve been at the job search all week take this long weekend to relax and refocus, you’ve earned it!


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