10 Loading Dock Safety Tips

A loading dock can be a very busy and hectic environment. Use the 10 loading dock safety tips below to prevent injury and stay safe when working in a dock environment.

Loading Dock Safety Tips

Loading Dock Safety Tips

1.Reduce Congestion

Reduce congestion in the dock area to avoid unnecessary obstacles or items that could lead to injury.

2. Unauthorized Persons Not Permitted

Keep unauthorized pedestrians out of the dock area. Educate workers on pathway markings and ensure all workers are properly trained when working in areas with heavy machinery.

3. Appropriate Training

Ensure all operators have the appropriate licensing and training required to operate their designated machinery.

4. Dock Plate Safety

Ensure dock plates have appropriate capacity, stability, and proper placement.

5. Provide Physical Barriers

Provide the appropriate physical barriers at dock edges and on lift devices to prevent falls.

6. Proper Lifting Techniques

Ensure all workers are trained on proper lifting techniques when loading and unloading freight on the dock.

7. Reduce Vehicle Exhaust

Reduce vehicle exhaust by limiting idling times and turning off machines when workers are loading and unloading trailers.

8. Preventative Maintenance

Create a preventative maintenance plan for dock equipment including restraints, dock bumps, lights, doors, and communication systems.

9. Repair Damages

Repair any damages to floors or equipment immediately in order to reduce the opportunity for injury.

10. Clean Spills

Immediately clean up any spills or leaks on the dock. This includes checking dock seals to ensure there are no leaks.


Public Services Health & Safety Association