Job Search During the Holidays

As we enter into the holiday season many job seekers will put their job search on hold in favour of gifts and overeating. While there are many benefits of a relaxing November and December it is much more beneficial to continue your search throughout the holidays and enter into the new year with a new job!

Below are five reasons you should continue your job search during the holidays. 

job search during the holidays

5 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays

Companies are hiring

There is a common misconception that companies don’t hire during the holidays. This is not always true! Companies are often looking for new employees and many companies are also looking for seasonal workers (if you’re looking for temporary work). There are countless companies looking for workers (Breakaway is always hiring…) so there is no need to slow down your search over the holidays.

There is less competition

Since many people believe companies are not hiring during the holidays there is less competition when apply for a job. You can benefit from this lack of competition by sending your resume during this time! You’ll be much more likely to get your resume in front of the hiring managers this time of year due to the lack of applications.

There are great opportunities to talk about your job search

The holiday season is full of parties and functions that are perfect for networking. The best way to network this time of year is to attend holiday parties and make sure to talk about your job search – you never know whose company is looking for your skill set or whether one of your acquaintances know someone who can help advance your job search.

It is an easy time to connect with people

In addition to networking events, the holiday season is perfect for sending holiday cards and connecting with people that can help find you your next job. Sending holiday cards to recruiters, employers, and networking contacts can help to remind people you are looking and bring cheer to their holiday season.

It is a great time to make resolutions

There is no time like the holidays to get you thinking about what you want next year to bring. Use this time to reflect on the year that has passed and evaluate where you want to be in the coming year. Asking yourself questions such as “What am I looking for in a job?” “What do I want to accomplish next year?” and “Am I doing everything in my power to get there?” will help you end the year making advancements to your career.


This blog post was originally published November 26th, 2015