Essential Tips to Avoid Job Fatigue and Remain Focused on Your Goals

Guest post from Kylee Wells

Job Fatigue

A new report by Monster Canada found one in four Canadians quit their job as result of work-related stress. What’s more shocking, the report reveals, 58% of Canadians feel overworked. Although work overload and cumulative stress may be pressing you to your breaking point, organizational behavioral experts advise to hold off on quitting immediately. The power to give up depends on your mindset, and staying fit can help you hold on when the going gets tough.

So, here’s what you should do when you feel overwhelmed at your workplace:

Increase Your Movements

Walk to work, but if your workplace is distant, alight the bus a few stops earlier than you should. If you drive yourself to work, park your vehicle at the outermost spot and walk to the office. While in office, get out of your chair once after every hour and walk around. Numerous investigations have been done to establish the physiological benefits of exercise, and how they affect the modern work person. Findings indicate that being physically active improves productivity at work.

Perform Simple Stretches in the Office    

Desk jobs can lead to tension and pains of the neck, back and shoulders. According to experts, sitting for a long time is hazardous to your health. Then, how do you prevent ill-health from sitting? Do simple office stretching workouts to keep your blood moving all day long! The stretches include single leg squat, overhead stretch, forward bend, seated spinal twist, forward fold, doorway chest stretch, and desk shoulder opener.

Maintain an Upright Sitting Posture

Sit upright, shoulders pointing backward and your eyes forward. Avoid hunching over a computer or at your desk. An easy desk-workout is to stretch your neck by facing right, left, up and down. Also twist your wrists, shoulders, and ankles once every hour. However, if your back is already bent forward, start working out to strengthen your core. The good news is, you can strengthen your core at work. An effortless way to restore your upright posture is to sit on a balance ball for an hour or so.

Engage Your Co-workers

Generally, getting your co-workers to stay healthy and active is a good way of sustaining your self-motivation. Enroll at a nearby fitness class, use it as an excuse to leave the office and do something that’s not work-related together. Furthermore, you will get rid of boredom, make new friends and stay fit while still enjoying your desk job.


Increasing your movements, performing stretches, correcting your posture, and engaging your co-workers in exercise are simple and easy ways to improve your health while in the office and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed or stressed in the workplace.