6 Steps to Getting a Job with Breakaway: As Told Through Emojis

Emojis are how many of us communicate on a daily basis. These faces and symbols provide us with a way to convey our emotions while using the different technologies in our lives (text messaging, social media, etc).

In honour of World Emoji Day today we are going to walk you through the six steps involved in getting a job with Breakaway Staffing the best way we know how: through emojis!

6 Steps to Getting a Job with Breakaway Staffing: As Told Through Emojis


memo_1f4dd1f4bb  main-qimg-5adb160c2236cb6754f413b93fd21294-c

Apply to one of our jobs online at breakawaystaffing.ca and submit your resume


emojidownload 615-telephone-receiver

Wait for a recruiter to reach out to you to discuss your skills and the position



Accept the offer to come in for an interview to discuss the position


Business_Shirt_With_Tie_Emoji_grande dresshandshake

Come into our office at 1087 Meyerside Dr (units 12 & 13) for an interview 


page-with-curl_1f4c3 alarm-clock writing-hand

Complete our Ministry-regulated paperwork (this process can take 1-2 hours). This information provides you will all of the training and knowledge you need to do the job safely and correctly


screen-shot-2017-07-17-at-34854-pmpng-fdfc1a54b9bd9f46 f03a2f192f118b4dc54fe4dfa365220f.0  party-popper

Accept your new job through Breakaway Staffing Solutions!

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