International Workers Day – May 1st

Today is International Workers Day! International Workers Day (also known as Worker Day or Labour Day) is celebrated every May 1st and is dedicated to the working men/women that are working hard each and every day to make a living wage for themselves and their families.

International Workers Day

To celebrate today we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the working men and women in every industry that work tirelessly to contribute to society in a way that benefits us all!

Every worker works hard to create a life for themselves and their families and to contribute to their community around them. We want to celebrate all of you and say that we sincerely appreciate you all!

How else can we celebrate International Workers Day?
This day is also dedicated to raising awareness to the disparities in worker wages and to changing terrible working conditions around the world. We can all help our fellow man by discussing these issues related to the workforce and rallying together to enforce change in our communities.

Happy International Workers Day!