How to Disconnect from Work While on Vacation

If you’re lucky enough to be on vacation this week for March Break it can be a wonderful chance to spend time with your family, however for many of us it can be very difficult to fully disconnect from work during our time off. 

In today’s society we are used to having our minds occupied at all times via phone calls, emails, social media, etc. so it can be unnerving to suddenly not have that distraction but still have the reflex to check in on those platforms.

Below are a few tips and tricks to help to you fully disconnect from your work while on vacation.


1.Go Dark From Technology

The best way to disconnect from work during vacation is to disconnect from your technology/devices. A total disconnect can help you make the most of your time away from work. If you don’t trust yourself to never check your accounts you can have a co-worker change your passwords so that you can’t log in while you’re away. This takes away any temptation to check your phone/computer and passwords can always be changed back once you return to work.

2. Find a Distraction

During your time away find something to do that is immersive enough that you won’t feel the temptation to check in at work. Fill your vacation time with activities, family time, and/or other interests that will distract you so completely that you won’t think about work. To assist with this, try turning off your devices and focus on relaxing tasks that will make you forget about work.

3. Find Different Ways to Fill Your Free Time

For many of us, having free time can make us anxious. We are used to being surrounded by technology so often that we don’t know what to do when it is not needed and are just alone with our thoughts. Activities like meditation and other relaxing techniques are a great way to fill the time and get in touch with yourself as well as get away from the constant plug in. These activities can help to change your mindset and help you appreciate the moments of freedom instead of dreading them.

Try one (or more!) of these tips this week to help you disconnect from work and truly enjoy your time off!