Staying Healthy At Work: Bike to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day! If you’re lucky enough to live close enough to your work that you can ride your bike then you should! Bike riding is a great form of exercise and is a much cheaper way to commute than driving a car or taking public transit!


If you’re not in a position to bike ride to work everyday, that’s ok! We’ve put together a list of great articles dedicated to keeping you healthy at work. So even if you have to drive your car sometimes you can still feel healthy during your workday!

Staying Healthy At Work

Bike Riding to Work

If you can bike ride to work you should! Business Insider lists 13 Reasons Why You Should Ride Your Bike to Work

Driving to Work

Have to drive your car to work? Wheels has 8 Tips on How to Exercise and Lose Weight While in Your Car (These can be especially helpful during our harsh Canadian winters!)

Exercising at Work

If you can’t get your exercise in during your commute to work then why not try exercising during work hours. offers 10 Exercises You Can Do at Work.

Eating Lunch

Eating a healthy lunch is a great way to stay health-conscious during your work day. We have great Tips for packing a Healthy Lunch.

Walking it Off

After you eat your healthy lunch try going for a walk. The New York Times examines The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk.

Truck Driver Exercises

Are you a truck driver that spends most of your day on the road? You can still keep healthy! Here are 10 Easy to Do Mobility Exercises for Truckers from The Healthy Trucker.

Keep Healthy at Work

Looking for more general tips to help keep you health Monday-Friday? WebMD has 10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work.

We should all try to participate in Bike to Work Day today! If you’re unable to ride your bike to work then try the other tips above to stay healthy at work!