How Health and Safety Knowledge Can Strengthen Your Job Search

Guest post by Holly Shaw

Do you think about health and safety in the workplace when searching for a job? Most of us don’t. We think about pay, benefits, and whether or not we’re a good fit for the workplace.

But health and safety plays a big role in the day to day life of your job. From how you can work more efficiently and effectively to lower risk for employers. Having a strong understanding of health and safety sets you above many of your competitors in the field. If you’re new to the workplace, you can also take some health and safety seminars to improve your resume and qualifications.

Improved Reputation

Your knowledge about health and safety benefits not just you but your workplace. Whether you work in an office or in a warehouse facility, your knowledge about safety is valuable. It helps you and others around you work more safely. Your service and understanding of health and safety reflects well on your management. And a management that takes health and safety seriously has an improved reputation in their specific field. A company with a strong health and safety workplace is a company that cares for its employees.

More Efficient Productivity Rates

For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Engage EHS, health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. This may seem tough, but the payoffs are huge: increased productivity of workers, increased bottom line, and greater consumer confidence.

Workers who have been trained in health and safety are more productive workers, because they are less inclined to take dangerous shortcuts that will result in accidents. Improved productivity rates reflect well on the company as well, because more efficient workers make more money. A potential employee like you with a strong background in health and safety is an appealing hire for this reason.

Protects a Company Against Damages

Companies that are serious about hiring experts in health and safety are companies that want a safe and productive workplace. A company that hires workers without a health and safety background, is a company that is negligent and putting themselves at risk. Hiring employees that will go on to be managers and upper staff and are experts in health and safety can protect the company against damages. Because the staff is trained in health and safety, they’re more aware of their actions and of the actions of those around them. This leads to a safer environment and protects the company in the long run.

Saves Money

Because employees with health and safety training work more effectively and safely, they save their workplace money. Workers with merely a standard or subpar understanding of health and safety may be more likely to cause accidents, which cost the workplace money in the long run. From increased insurance premiums to hiring additional workers when accidents occur, these are just two examples of a business having to pay excess when they could have hired a professional with a background in health and safety.

Additionally, absences caused by illnesses could be reduced by hiring people with a background in health and safety. Health and safety training will teach cleanliness such as the proper way to wash your hands, reminders on sneezing, coughing, and disposing of tissues appropriately. This knowledge keeps cuts down in part on illnesses spread within the workplace, which in turn saves money.

When job hunting, marketing yourself with a knowledgeable background of health and safety isn’t bragging or showing off. Rather, this vital knowledge is something that will benefit not just you, but also your potential workplace. Citing your understanding of health and safety helps set you apart from other applicants and hopefully helps you land the job of your dreams.