Happiness Happens Month: Creating Happiness at Work

August is Happiness Happens month!

According to daysoftheyear.com, “the month reminds us that happiness happens one small moment at a time and it’s our job to recognize those moments when they happen. It reminds us that sometimes a small action boosts our happiness. It reminds us that happiness is a personal experience and it’s also contagious!”

Below we have outlined 10 small actions you can do to boost your happiness and the happiness of your co-workers during the month of August!

Happiness Happens Month: Creating Happiness at Work

Read on for 10 small actions you can do to boost the happiness of yourself and your co-workers:

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Creating Your Own Happiness

Manage Your Time Wisely

Proper time management is the key to happiness. If you are unorganized and constantly stressed out than you are likely to never be happy at work. When possible, create an outline for your day and try to stick to it. Creating a ‘to-do list’ can be a great way to keep yourself on track and avoid any stress that would create unhappiness in the workplace.

Do the Difficult Tasks First

Clear up your ‘less-fun’ tasks as early in the day as possible. Get those duties out of the way first so that you don’t dread your whole workday until you finally complete them.

Avoid Negativity/Workplace Gossip

Don’t get sucked in to workplace gossip and negativity. Avoid this type of behaviour as it can affect your own personal happiness and make you associate your workplace with negativity.

Personalize Your Space

When applicable, liven up your workspace with things that bring you joy. Whether this is photos, knick knacks, or anything else that brings you happiness, having it with you at work can provide a sense of calm when things get hectic.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Not every accomplishment you do will be recognized by your entire company or by 3rd party but remember to celebrate when you do a good job or receive praise. You deserve it and that small win is an easy way to boost your happiness.

Creating Happiness for Others at Work

Say Hello/Be Compassionate

It is easy to make a coworker’s morning brighter by saying good morning and taking an interest in their life. Listening to someone’s story can help them work out an issue or share an accomplishment as well as help you get to know them better. This simple gesture can bring a bit of extra happiness into their life each day.

Treat Everyone With Respect

A happy workplace is one where everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Help to create this kind of environment by avoiding things like office gossip or inappropriate jokes and instead treat everyone with respect and kindness. Happiness will follow.

Ask for Input

Asking for a coworker’s opinion/expertise on a task you are working on can make them feel great. Asking them for their advice shows that you value their opinion and respect the work that they do, which is a simple way to spread happiness amongst your peers.

Give Praise/Credit

Everyone loves to be praised so if you see someone doing a great job then be sure to tell them! Knowing that their hard work is being acknowledged is a great way to make a coworker happy!

Clean Up After Yourself

No one likes an office slob and especially during COVID times it is crucial to clean up after yourself and keep your workspace sanitary in order to help keep you and your co-workers safe. Keep your workspace clean and make sure to tidy up any lunch or other messes you might make throughout the day. A clean work environment is a simple way to keep everyone happy.