7 Halloween Characters You’ll Find in the Workplace

The workplace is a large mix of different personalities and it is best to know which ones to connect with and which to avoid. In honour of Halloween and to help you identify these personalities we’ve put together a list of 7 Halloween Characters you’ll find in the workplace.

7 Halloween Characters You’ll Find in the Workplace

The Zombie

This person is non-responsive in the morning without their pick me up. Give them some caffeine and some time in the morning before approaching. halloween characters

The Clown

This is the person that makes you laugh and keeps cracking jokes all day long. They can be a refreshing addition to the workplace – as long as work is still getting done. Spend some time with ‘the clown’ in order to keep your spirits (pun intended) high!

The Ghost

This person disappears when you need them most. Whether you need to ask them a question or give them some news, they never seem to be around when someone’s looking for them.

The Witch

witch-1751025_960_720Proceed with caution around this personality type. Whether it is a bad day or a series of bad days, getting involved with ‘the witch’ of the workplace can be dangerous for your happiness and your career. The witch can backstab or try to stir up drama in the workplace. Try your best to avoid anyone that is exhibiting witch behaviour.

The Pirate

Hopefully no one has a pirate in their workplace. This person may steal different things: your lunches, company time, or even your ideas. Beware of this person’s behaviour and stand up for yourself when dealing with ‘the pirate’. 2000px-Little-vampire.svg

The Vampire

This person may try to suck away your energy like a vampire would suck blood. Don’t let this type of character get you down. Stay positive when dealing with this type of person and don’t buy into their unhappiness.

The Superhero

This person always swoops in at the last minute to save the day. It is best to get on the superhero’s good side, they can be a great edition to your team and a great person to learn from.