Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many different questions from our associates and individuals coming to register with us at Breakaway. We’ve put together a list of some of our frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind before coming into Breakaway and answer a couple of common questions our associates have as well.


Breakaway’s Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is Breakaway Staffing Solutions?

This is the first question on many people’s minds when they see our name online. We are a recruitment agency that specializes in long-term and temporary employment in the Transportation & Logistics industry. We have two branches: Breakaway Staffing Solutions Inc. & Breakaway Executive Search Corp. We are independently owned (we’re not part of a large corporation) and we operate out of our office at 1087 Meyerside Dr. in Mississauga.

Are all of your jobs temp?

Not at all. The majority of our work is long-term. While we do have some amazing temporary positions, we deal with many jobs that are long-term, steady work.

What kind of companies do you work with?

Because we don’t divulge the names of our clients in our job postings, many people want to know the types of clients we work with. We work with reputable companies in the Transportation and Logistics industry. We personally visit each company to ensure it is completely safe for our associates to work there as well as assess the environment and the supervisors to make sure we are placing you in a job with people who care about their employees and want them to succeed.

What do I need to bring to my interview?

Many people don’t know exactly what to expect and what to bring with them to Breakaway. When you come into our office you will fill out an application and then meet one of our recruiters for an interview. There are a few things you must bring with you when you come:

What to Bring to BreakawayCan I use my in-house forklift licence?

No. Your in-house forklift license will not be accepted as a valid forklift license at Breakaway. We are happy to recommend great forklift schools to help you get the certification you need.

Once we’ve placed you in a job there are a few common questions you may have as an associate at Breakaway:

What will happen on my first day of work?

Before your first day you will be sent an email by your recruiter detailing the start of your job, where you go, and who you report to. This will include any necessary details down to which door to enter through and what to bring with you (safety shoes are a MUST). By your first day you will be very prepared for the job ahead. Our recruiters also like to check in with you after your first day to ensure it was what you expected and address any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Who do I call if I can’t come to work?

You call Breakaway. Please call (905)564-9671 and speak with one of our staff members. If your shift is after our business hours call our main number and press #2. This will take you to our after-hours line where you can leave a message with the following information:

-Your name
-Your phone number
-The company you are working for
-Your shift time, start and finish
-Your reason

If you cannot make it into work please try to provide us with as much notice as possible.

These are a few of the questions you may have for us, if you have any more please visit our FAQ page of our website or do not hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook or even give us a call at (905)564-9671, we’d be happy to answer any more questions you may have!