Exciting Opportunity-General Labour

Our #1 goal at Breakaway Staffing is to find you a job. Whether you are looking for your next career move, looking to pick up a second job, or you are a College/University student looking for a part-time job to put yourself through school, we want to help everyone achieve their goals.

We offer a variety of positions catering to many different skill sets but today I wanted to focus on one of the exciting positions we have available on a regular basis.

Flexible General Labour!

These positions are General Labour jobs working for a company with warehouses in Brampton and Mississauga. Now that may seem like any other job at a glance, but the FANTASTIC part about this job is it is completely flexible. In this role you can work the days you want. You only want to work 3 days a week? No problem!! Want to work Monday to Friday every week, that’s fine too!

These positions are completely flexible with the amount of days per week you can work. This is perfect if you have children and need to be home certain days, if you’re a student who can only work on your days off from College/University, or if you have an appointment or other previous commitment on a certain day. There is no penalty if you need days off, you take the day off and resume work the next day.

So how can this be? How does a company like this exist and what can you do to be a part of it?

Here’s what you do:

  1. You submit your resume to info@breakawaystaffing.ca with the subject line “Flexible General Labour Work”. You will be contacted and asked to come into our office for an interview.
  2. You come in for your interview (bring your photo ID and work references) and you fill out our paperwork then you will be given the green light to work!
  3. After that, each day you will call in for work the next day. If you want to work on Tuesday, you will call in on Monday afternoon and secure your spot for work the next day. The company we are hiring for has multiple warehouse locations across Brampton and Mississauga. They require work everyday, so we always have work available for the next day.
  4. You call in and tell our recruiters you are available for work the next day. They will confirm which location you will be going to and give you the appropriate details.
  5. You go to work the next day and once your shift is over you call Breakaway again for work the following day. Or if you don’t want to work the next day you skip that day and just call in the day after.

Our recruiters always want to place you in a position where you feel comfortable. Therefore you can ask to work at a certain location and we will try our best to accommodate that request based on the amount of people our client needs at that location the next day.

These positions we have available on this flexible schedule are often morning shifts, although we do get the occasional afternoon shift.

For more information you can check out our job posting here: http://bit.ly/1JTw7IM


If you are interested in this position and would like to jump start your future today, please email your resume to info@breakawaystaffing.ca with the subject line “Flexible General Labour Work”. If you have any additional questions about this type of work please do not hesitate to send us an email, reach out on social media or leave a comment on this post!