6 Ways to Deal with Cranky Coworkers

Today, Friday October 27th, is Cranky Coworker Day. While we hope that no one encounters any cranky coworkers today, we’ve put together today’s blog post to help you manage just in case.

Below are six ways to deal with any cranky coworkers you may encounter today. These a great tips to apply to your workplace every day in order to create a more positive, stress-free environment.


6 Ways to Deal With Cranky/Angry Coworkers

1. Diffuse the Situation

If your coworker is in a cranky mood you can try to diffuse the situation by trying to calm them down, reminding them that they are at work, and talking them out of their stressful situation. Anything that you can do to de-escalate the situation and create a more peaceful work environment.

2. Try and See Their Point of View

Try to understand what is putting your coworker in a foul mood and work to see their point of view on the situation. If you are able to understand what is causing them problems than you can work to correct the issue or comfort them during the stressful time.

3. Be Supportive

A coworker may be in a bad mood based on something that happened entirely outside of the workplace. If that is the case than try to be sensitive to any issues they may be going through. Asking them if you can help or support them in any way may provide them the comfort they need to put them in a better mood.

4. Cheer Them Up

Depending on the severity of the situation you could try to create a more fun and inviting environment that will provide them with an opportunity to relax. Maybe crack a joke or try to get them to smile; something that small could distract them and even pull them out of their funk.

5. Be the Best Coworker You Can Be

If your coworker is having a hard day at work you can try to make their day better by being the best coworker possible. Assist them as much as possible and work together to create a move relaxing work environment.

6. Stay Away

As difficult as it seems sometimes the best way to help a cranky person is to just stay away. Giving them their space and allowing them to work out their issues/anger can be a good way to respect the day that they are having.