Common Commercial Vehicles

Just as you will encounter some of the most common types of forklifts when working with Breakaway, if you are a driver you are likely to drive one of a few common commercial vehicles for one of our clients.

We offer a variety of driving jobs at Breakaway. Our clients use many common commercial vehicles to move their freight. Below is a list of the most common trucks you’re likely to encounter/drive while working with us.

Common Commercial Vehicles

Straight Truck


A straight truck is the most common type of truck you’re likely to see on the road. This is the standard idea that we have of a truck designed to carry freight. The licence needed to drive these trucks is determined based on the weight of the truck/trailer (under 11,000 kilograms = G licence, over 11,000 kilograms = DZ licence), AZ licenced drivers can operate any tractor – trailer combination. Straight trucks can transport containers carrying either dry freight (dry van) or refrigerated goods (reefers).

Flatbed Truck


A flatbed truck is a truck without any sides or roof. The freight is strapped to the flat “bed” portion of the truck. This is ideal for large or awkwardly sized freight that is not affected by weather. This type of truck does require an AZ licence to operate.



A B-train is a type of truck that has two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel. This type of truck provides much needed stability and is able to carry all types of freight. This truck will require an AZ licence to operate.

Shunt Truck


Also known as a Terminal Tractor, Shunt Trucks are used to move trailers around the cargo yard. There are many different brands of Shunt truck with Capacity and Ottawa being the most commonly used at our client’s facilities. You do not need a licence to operate a Shunt truck unless you are required to leave the yard and drive onto the road (in that case an AZ licence is required).

Cube/Cargo Van

commercial vehicles

A Cube/Cargo van is the type of vehicle you typically see someone using during a move. This type of truck does not require a DZ or AZ licence – individuals with a full G class licence can operate this legally.

The five vehicles listed above are the most common commercial vehicles you’re likely to encounter when looking for a driving job with Breakaway Staffing. These trucks each require a specific licence in order to operate.

If you have a valid AZ, DZ, or G licence and are looking for work please visit our job opening page here.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Driver, please call us at (905)564-9671 – we can direct you to an appropriate training school.