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Building Employee Retention


In today’s job market it can be difficult to find and keep good employees. Follow our five tips below to build employee retention in your workplace.

Equal Pay Day 2018


Today is Equal Pay Day. This day is dedicated to bringing attention to the wage gap that exists between working women and working men in Canada.

The Best of Breakaway Blog 2017


Only one more week left of 2017! While there are many people that would gladly forget 2017 ever happened we’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and share the best of Breakaway Blog posts from this year.

Is Working Multiple Jobs the New Normal?


The labour force has seen an increase in the amount of people working multiple jobs in Canada. An increase in part-time or secondary work has been seen across many industries and age groups as the Canadian workforce continues to embrace

Canadian Employment – August 2017


Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 9 years! The unemployment rate dropped from 6.3% to 6.2% this August.

Ontario Equal Pay Day 2017


Today is Equal Pay Day in Ontario. This is a day dedicated to bringing attention to the wage gap between working women and working men in Canada.

Examining the Gender Wage Gap


One of the major challenges women face in the workplace is unequal pay. The gender wage gap in the Canadian workplace is an issue that every working woman faces.

The Dangers of Paying Cash for Work


One question that we are asked all the time at Breakaway is: “Do you pay cash for your work?” The answer to this question is NO! We have a payroll department within Breakaway that does an amazing job of paying all

Ontario Equal Pay Day – April 19th


Today is Equal Pay Day in Ontario. This year marks the 3rd annual Equal Pay Day and the first year officially recognized by the Ontario government. Currently, the Ontario pay gap is 29.4%. This means that women earn 70.6 cents

Gender Wage Gap

gender wagesquare

Based on a report released yesterday from Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives the gender wage gap in Canada is at 72%.