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World Health Day 2017: Depression


Today, April 7th, is World Health Day. Each year the World Health Organization (WHO) focuses on an important health issue that affects the health of millions of people worldwide. This year the theme is Depression.

The 3 Most Common Types of Workplace Injury

The 3

At Breakaway it is our top priority to keep all of our associates safe on the job. Workplace injuries become more common when workers/employers try to cut corners or do not offer proper training.

Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016


As 2016 comes to an end we’d like to go back and take a look at our top 10 blog posts from this year. These posts touch on a variety of topics since we like to keep our Breakaway Blog

10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Transport Trucks


Navigating a road full of transport trucks can be difficult. It is important to use caution when driving alongside big trucks in order to keep yourself and the truck drivers safe. Read our infographic below for 10 tips for sharing

Proper Protective Clothing for Winter

proper protective clothing

As we start to feel the first cold chills of winter it is important to remember to take proper precautions at work to keep yourself warm and safe during the winter months. Proper protective clothing is the key to keeping

Why Use an Employment Agency?


There are many reasons why a company would choose to use an employment agency to facilitate their hiring needs. Using a staffing agency like Breakaway can bring a sense of relief and ease to your hiring process.

Safety Tips for the Labour Day Weekend


This weekend is the Labour Day long weekend! As all Canadians prepare for a fantastic 3-day weekend it’s important to remember to be safe this weekend. We want everyone to have a safe and fun long weekend so we’ve put together

Loading Dock Safety Tips Infographic


When working on a loading dock it is critical that all workers create a safe work environment at all times. The dock environment presents hazards and it is crucial that all workers stay safe when working on the dock. We’ve adapted

Young Worker Safety Tips


The summer is a time when many young people find jobs while they are out of school which means more young workers in the workplace. Young worker safety is crucial as people under the age of 25 are much more

Heat Stress Prevention


This week is going to be a hot one! As we enter into the hottest months of the year and deal with daily heat warnings Heat Stress becomes a larger hazard in the workplace. Use our guide below (based on information