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The Best of Breakaway Blog 2017


Only one more week left of 2017! While there are many people that would gladly forget 2017 ever happened we’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and share the best of Breakaway Blog posts from this year.

Hilarious Job Interview Tweets


Twitter is a goldmine for hilarious material and one topic that never fails to make us laugh is job interviews. Twitter users have a lot to say about the job interview and job hunting. We’ve compiled a few of our favourites

Our 15 Favourite Breakaway Blog Posts

Lots of love,Your 10th Grade Students

To celebrate Breakaway’s 15th anniversary today (yay!) we’re sharing 15 of our favourite blog posts we’ve done since we starting our Breakaway Blog.

Successful Skype Interview Tips


Many companies (Breakaway included!) are swapping out the traditional telephone interview in favour of the Skype interview.

Spring Cleaning Your Career Vocabulary

Spring Cleaning Your Career Vocabulary

It is officially spring! And with spring comes Spring Cleaning! While you may need to clean your house, car, etc. as a start to spring cleaning we’ve put our own spin on the season and offer a few suggestions for ‘cleaning’

Groundhog Day Job Search Steps


In honour of Groundhog Day we’d like to take this day to remind you of the steps you as a job seeker can take to secure your next great job.

Providing Work References: Do’s & Don’ts


Most potential employers will ask for work references from your previous employers to confirm your work history and skills. It is important to provide the proper work references that will confirm your experience relating to the job you’re apply for

Asking Job Interview Questions


It’s very important to ask questions during your job interview. Asking interview questions lets the employer know that you are engaged with their company and want to know as much as you can about the position and the company that

6 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview

6 Tips to Calm Your (1)

Almost all of us get nervous before a job interview. Interviews are a crucial part of the job search process where you have to convince the employer that you’re the one they should hire – the pressure can be nerve-wracking! It’s

Interview Formats – Acing Every Interview


These days, interviewing for a new job can mean taking part in a variety of different types of interviews. Gone are the days of only having a traditional sit down interview with a hiring manager. Now you may be required to