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Driving with Transport Trucks in Bad Weather

The winter weather has begun in the GTA and with this weather comes new hazards. It is important that we keep ourselves safe while outdoors by wearing proper protective clothing and driving safely during bad weather conditions.

10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Transport Trucks

Navigating a road full of transport trucks can be difficult. It is important to use caution when driving alongside big trucks in order to keep yourself and the truck drivers safe. Read our infographic below for 10 tips for sharing

Driver Productivity & Advancing Technologies

Technological advancements to the trucking industry are in full swing. There is a rise in connected/automated trucks, the Internet of Things, automated warehousing processes, and other technologies in every area of the supply chain that are designed to turn the

Causes of the Driver Shortage

There’s been a lot of discussion around the truck driver shortage. There are countless articles about how many spots the industry needs to fill (and how that number will keep rising in the coming years), and how we can go about

The Driver Shortage

The truck driver shortage has been 1 of the top issues the transportation industry has been dealing with for many years. The number of drivers required keeps getting larger and there is no immediate fix to the shortage the trucking

Trucking Industry Evolution

These days we see transport trucks everywhere. We know that these trucks and their drivers deliver most of our products and materials to their destinations, but how did this start? Who created the first transport truck? How did the commercial

Women in Trucking

Currently, women represent 48% of the Canadian workforce yet only 3% of Canada’s truck drivers, technicians, and cargo workers. The trucking industry has begun taking steps toward marketing the industry to women in hopes that more female drivers will help

Healthy Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are an essential part of our lives. They deliver our goods and materials all over the world and are the reason we have access to most of the goods that we do. They provide us with the things

Entry Level Driver Training

In between intense talks of the driver shortage in North America and the debates on how best to recruit new drivers into the industry there has been people making waves on Entry Level Driver Training. This has been a topic of

Transportation Technologies

Technology in the transportation industry has been a hot topic of conversation in recent months. We are at a time when new technologies are emerging every day and everyone is wondering how these advancements can be used to deliver our